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Bertrand Russell

During the 20th Century Bertrand Russell was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature. His most famous essay ‘A Freeman’s Worship’ was about worshiping Einstein’s conviction that all life in the universe must become extinct as demanded by his symmetrical first-cause understanding that the activity of life leads inexorably to entropic chaos and extinction. Russell wrote that “The Second Law of Thermodynamics makes it scarcely possible to doubt that the universe is running down, and that ultimately nothing of the slightest interest will be possible anywhere” (Russell, B., 1902-14) The once famous 1955 Russell-Einstein Manifesto to bring an end to nuclear warfare (Russell. B. and Einstein. A. 1955) was simply a meaningless religious tract of no real significance in the crucial search to obtain the antidote that would allow for the healthy evolution of the human species.

Plato’s ethical spiritual mathematics was to be used as the basis of a futuristic global democratic science allowing civilization to become part of the health of an infinite living