The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 120

The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia during the 1980s was the first technological research institute in the world to discover the life-force governing the evolution of seashell growth and development. This discovery was reprinted by the world’s largest research institute, IEEE, as one of the important optical mathematical discoveries of the 20th Century (Illert. C. 1987). The Centre believed that its discovery of the seashell life-force also included the process of human evolution and it discovered that quantum mechanistic mathematics could only generate distorted seashell growth and development (Illert. C. 1992). Therefore, tribal science was classified as being innately carcinogenic, as Szent-Gyorgyi had intimated. It became obvious that the methodology to obtain the antidote to this problem must be to upgrade the seashell discovery to enable simulations that would ensure evolutionary human survival.

Both carcinogenic mathematics and life-force mathematics are part of the evolutionary process. Therefore, they can be entangled together within a computer program governed by antidote physics information to generate human survival blueprint simulations. However, this ethical quantum

entanglement computer concept is completely unacceptable to prevailing carcinogenic, mathematical science. Nations are now employing trade-war stratagems against each other,

incurring vast debts to obtain increasingly high-tech weaponry thereby enslaving future populations into military confrontations in the name of symmetrical high finance protocols.