The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 116

Pasteur’s asymmetrical, electromagnetic resonances creating life are now associated with Schumann resonances. These global electromagnetic resonances are generated by lightning discharges in the geometrical field structure formed by the surface of the Earth and its ionosphere, giving credence to Plato’s ethical, asymmetrical, life-giving, mathematical geometry as was observed by Pasteur.

When an electromagnetic dot is created in the mind it is immediately acted upon by the same asymmetrical forces that drew the geometrical shapes of the living microscopic forms that Pasteur observed. On the other hand, Einstein’s quantum mechanical dots are sterile and cannot interact in

any way with the electromagnetic biosphere. The nature of the antidote needed to transform tribal science into a human survival science now appears to be obvious. The ancient godlike proclamation ‘Let there be light’ refers to the first light created in the universe and in physics all the dynamics of physical and living reality are compelled to obey that first-cause principle. Pasteur argued that the first principle light controlling universal reality was asymmetrical while Einstein was convinced it was symmetrical.

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The asymmetric transmission of electromagnetic (EM) wave can be fully manipulated by chiral metamaterials, but little can achieve

real-time and high efficient tunability due to challenges

in practically deployable solutions.

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