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Modern science has no practical awareness that the Greek medical philosopher Plato was familiar with non-Euclidean infinite mathematical concepts derived from Anaxagoras’ concept of a fractal universe (Grujic. P. 2001). That intuitive geometrical knowledge was the basis of Plato’s Science-

Art educational program designed in contraction to Einstein’s later finite geometrical science dedicated to the extermination of civilization. Plato’s educational program was comprised of arithmetic, plane geometry, solid geometry, astronomy and harmonics. His flat-plane,

electromagnetic geometry mathematics, associated with his magnetic lodestone research, was held to contain spiritual knowledge embracing concepts of ethical mathematics within a living, infinite universe. Plato’s electromagnetic reality theories are the forerunner of recent understanding

regarding Schumann resonances generated by the earth’s atmospheric lightning discharges.

Although NASA has published that such flat-plane mathematics under electromagnetic influence extends to infinity (NASA. 2014), few modern-day students of Greek philosophy realize that Plato’s mathematics embraced that very same crucial information. In particular, various religious and secular persuasions forbidding the existence of infinite Platonic mathematics have been incorrectly

incorporated into legal systems controlling global cancer research. That situation must be gently and reverently modified accordingly.