The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 112

As a result of prevailing global scientific ignorance the ancient intuitive medical wisdom’s comprehension of the medical antidote needed to resolve this problem is treated with academic contempt. Tribal spiritual values belonging to religious or secular persuasions continue to provide

an emotional but carcinogenic euphoria to those who manipulate them in non-compliance with the 1978 UNESCO Racial Declaration. According to the co-founder of the American National Federation for Cancer Research, Albert Szent-Györgyi, this problem is of a symmetrical

carcinogenic nature. He wrote “This is one of the paradoxes of modern biology: the properties of living systems are opposed to the law of entropy that governs the macrocosm” (Szent-Györgyi. A. 1977). Tribal leaders cannot possibly tolerate educational research in which asymmetrical firstcause principles provide for the global betterment of human civilization in compliance with the

1978 UNESCO proclamation. They are compelled by emotional and practical concerns to obey Einstein’s symmetrical worldview, which demands the entropic extinction of all life in the universe.

Albert Szent-Györgyi