The magazine MAQ September 2018 MAQ Magazine November 2018 - Page 110

In 2013 the European Space Agency’s Plank Telescope photographed and recorded the first light created in the universe as being asymmetrical (NASA. 2013). According to the Nobel Laureate in Physics, David Gross, the adage that we are made in the image of the creation holds true in physics (Gross, D. J., 1996) and that symmetrical electromagnetic first-cause principles must govern all life

in the universe. However, Daniel Sedbrook, in his article on left-handed and right-handed molecules states that “On Earth, the amino acids characteristic of life are all “left-handed” in shape” and that all life on Earth is asymmetric (Sedbrook. D. July 28 2016). Therefore, the antidote allowing for human survival must be of an asymmetrical nature. The transition of symmetrical tribal science into a human survival science is a very complex cancer-related neurological issue as this article explains. However, without the antidote the past acceleration of symmetrical cycles of destruction will accelerate itself into World war III.

Dr Warren Lidz at Bentley College’s Department of Philosophy and other philosophers have pointed out, “Greek philosophy can be adequately understood only if one recognizes that it arose in conjunction with ancient medical theory, with which most educated Greeks were familiar” (Lidz, J. W., 1995). This paper will present visual evidence that prevailing tribal medical science education

has completely dissociated itself with the recent