The Magazine Issue X: The Forgotten Photographer - Page 51

The photographer behind one of Getty Images Gallery's most celebrated images, 'Commissionaire's Dog', is somewhat lesser known than his shot of a diminutive dachshund in conversation with a hotel porter in Piccadilly Circus. Kurt Hutton was one of the original Picture Post photographers, indeed the only photographer to have contributed from the first to the last issue of the seminal British magazine.

Picture Post was truly pioneering in terms of design and content; with photography driving the narrative of the magazine, its influence on twentieth century British photojournalism is unparalleled. Whilst Picture Post changed the times, it was also subject to them, and its failure to credit photographers until 1941 could explain why the name Kurt Hutton, whose work stands up alongside Cartier-Bresson & Bill Brandt, does not make quite so much noise as his peers in reportage.

Kurt Hutton