The Magazine Issue X: The Forgotten Photographer - Page 29

© Tara Mette, South Africa, Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography, Finalist,

Student Focus, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

"Human Nature at its Best"

In 1987 Don Wessels was conscripted into the Apartheid-era South African army. On a reconnaissance mission in the Angolan bush in 1988 he suffered a near fatal explosion that claimed his sight and both his hands. Don has since obtained degrees in international politics and was nominated as a Parliamentary candidate in 1999.

The accomplishment Don values most is marrying his wife, with whom he has two sons, in 2001. The image depicts the two worlds that Don inhabits – his own, and his family’s. Don lives in a world where his senses are the most important factor in his life. His reality is different from that of the people around him, and he has mastered this reality as best he can.