The Luxury Executive Quarterly Jan. 2015 - Page 73

How does it work? Muse works by measuring your activity by creating an entirely harmless electrical field. Changes in the field are detected outside your head by the headband. Muse uses 7 finely calibrated sensors to detect and measure the activity of your brain. This activity is translated into real-time Blutooth feedback on your tablet or smartphone. Muse comes in either black or white and sells for $299. 1. Connect Muse using Bluetooth, put on the headband and adjust it for a proper fit. 2. Launch the app, close your eyes, and let Muse guide you through focused-attention exercises which take as little as 3 minutes a day. 3. Enter a beach environment where weather reflects the state of your brain. If your mind wanders, the weather will change. 4. As you learn to keep the weather calm, you’re actually learning the skill of keeping your mind calm and focused in stressful situations.