The Luxury Executive Quarterly Jan. 2015 - Page 54

Atmospheric Water Generator A revolutionary device can do something straight out of science fiction; making water from air. The Air-X from Untapped Water Solutions provides 36 liters of the cleanest drinking water possible a day and purifies the air at the same time.The Air-X uses a multi-step process to extract and purifiy water vapor from the air. Evaporation: Water naturally evaporates to become part of the atmosphere. The Air-X works by mimicking the earth’s water making cycle. Air Filtration: Moisture-laden air is drawn into the machine and passes through the Dual Air Filter System. The first stage Electrostatic Air Filter, draws out particles of debris through an electrostatic charge; and the Second Stage MERV8 Pleated Filter removes dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the air. Condensation:The Atmospheric Water Generators use condenser coils to rapidly drop the air’s temperature and convert the moisture in the air into liquid water. Through extensive research and development, water returns have been maximized whileenergy required to produce this water has been minimized.