The Luxury Executive Quarterly Jan. 2015 - Page 50

Despite the brand-new Huracan’s added sophistication, Lamborghini has worked hard to assure that the successor to the Gallardo will be more hard-edged and even more visceral experience than before. The Huracan features an aluminum chassis that is bonded to a carbon fiber “backbone” that acts as structural reinforcement. The Huracan’s shell is merely 22 Ibs lighter than the Gallardo. However, the Huracan claims a whopping 50 percent more torsional rigidity. Overall, the Huracan weighs in at a lithe 3100 lbs. dry. According to Lamborghini, the lighter and more powerful new Huracan is more than three seconds quicker than the Gallardo in a lap around the iconic Nardo test track. Ultimately, the astonishing performance of the Lamborghini Huracan is the clear result of the sum of its parts. v