The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 95

SECURITYSYSTEMS • 95 PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE specific SPC security solutions were selected for ATM and vault locations; these include features that allow specific time slots to be programmed when an alarm is unset, and then interlocks once this period has expired, plus dual PIN requirements that trigger alarms when the appropriate parameters are not adhered to correctly. To build on this, Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) that work alongside SPC were installed, which are used to intelligently track when an intrusion requires a call out or not, and knows when, and which, alarms need to be on and off; for example, “if the bank manager arrives early, he [or she] uses their card to gain access to the branch office and PIN to disarm the alarm. The code disarms the office and secure area but the ATMs, vaults, and safe deposit boxes remain armed.” An ‘All Okay’ feature is also put in place so that, using the same ‘early entry’ example, the CMS records the early entry of the manager and they are required to implement either an ‘All Okay’ message or a sound a silent alarm, if under duress or threat. Outside of the bank, motion sensitive Vectis iX cameras monitor cash machines day and night; able to detect the start of an attack at the earliest stage, but also to prevent unnecessary false alarms. Crucially, footage taken from these monitors can be saved onto various formats for storage, and can be used as evidence in a court case, unlike some equipment. While the above very much focusses on the physical threat of bank security, changing times of course dictate that there is another facet of attack that needs to be considered; that of cyber attack and invasion of intellectual property. As such, Vanderbilt uses a “multiple layers” approach; most specifically with banks, the SiPass® integrated product, for instance, “meets current IT security requirements for data protection and delivers the highest data security through encrypted data transmission throughout the network.” SiPass is in fact one of the security solutions that Vanderbilt supplied to Bank Pekao, in Poland, which “is considered to be one of the safest banks at pan-European level.” A SOCIETY VULNERABLE The term ‘cyber attack’ may well conjure up images of extorting or exposing huge corporations in Hollywood hacking movies, but in fact, as said by Vanderbilt, “we probably take critical infrastructure for granted in our day-to-day living. We turn on a tap, flick a switch, or push a button and water, light, and heat are all readily available to us. However, as critical infrastructure is managed by computerised systems, this makes them vulnerable to cyber attack. As a direct consequence, this makes us as a society vulnerable”. This vulnerability is on the rise – whether we think it applies to us or not (it does) – and in line with the rapid developments of technology across all aspects of life, as so, physical security is having to evolve just as fast, if not faster, to keep up. As a result, in its own words, “this ethos has changed how Vanderbilt thinks over the last few years” when it comes to the design and development of its security systems. Triggering an alarm when an intrusion has been made, will no longer suffice. When it comes to ‘Triggering an alarm when an intrusion has been made, will no longer suffice’ ‘the main line of defence against a serious cyber attack begins with the supplier you choose for your security solutions’ LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | cybersecurity, not only do you need to make sure that very sophisticated systems are in place, but there must also be several contingency plans ready and waiting, once a breach in security occurs. Vanderbilt is keen to point that the main line of defence against a serious cyber attack begins with the supplier you choose for your security solutions, explaining, “the most obvious place to start is to choose equipment from reliable suppliers that have a knowledge and interest in cybersecurity and are focused on protecting data.” With this is mind, Vanderbilt’s in-house communications protocol; FlexC was completely rede YۙY[ۚ]܈][\HX\]B]X[H[\[]H[[ܛX][ۈ[XZ[[ܞ\Y[XY][[Y\ˈ\\[ܙKY[\[]X[\[8&\œX\]H\[H[[][[[\B[XZ[\][ۘ[ [H][™ۈ[X[ۈ[Nœ][]Y[\\™HH]X\[[ٙ\[˜[][X][ۈ]\\BXXوX\]K[][ܙHX][HوBX[\\XKY]\BYY\܈܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۂۈ[\[[\Y\[]œ[HوX\]H][ۜ˝[\[[\Y\˘