The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 87

SECURITYSYSTEMS • 87 PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE them and can ensure the ERA app, which controls our products, is compatible with the latest technology.” The benefits of the Cloud also extend to the installer. If the customer needs help changing settings and doesn’t feel they can use the app on their own, they can share the app with the installer, who can make any setting adjustments remotely with no need to visit the customer – saving time and money for both installer and customer. In addition, ERA provides step by step installation videos via www. along with customer service back up. Kevin concludes, “The connected home is here to stay - the smartware market [Hܝ0 [[ۈܛYHH  B[\HYX[[YH܈Z]™]ۈ\]H]\][Y[œ]^H\H[H\\Y܈B[X[وHۜ[Y\'BӸ&UHRSSH‘܈Z][[][BܛوX\\HX\]K[XH[\˜YHܙو]][ێ8'Z]š]HH\]][ۈ܈^\\H[B\XHوYHX[ۈ[Z\ۛYH[X\[HۛBHHYH]ZY [\[YX[X܈][[\HB[]] '\H\HX[HX\\HX˜Z[X\]X\[›Z]][[[[[[H[X]Z[BHH\ Z][&]X]X\\HX\]HZH^HH[ܙHY][ۘ[X[[&][\HHۙHXݙ\[\H][[[XY[X]\H^H۸&]]BHۛYHوHX8&\[\ܚ[˂RUTS ˕RPVKҕS NۜܙYH[YHYK˝Z[YKB'܈\X\ۋ[[\X\Y \YX\]HXݚY\\\[X[ H[œX\\HXHTKZ]˜[\\\Y]^H]HX\\XX[\ܝX[\[\\Y\[] Z[[][ۂ\ܝH\YXH[K'Z[[\[]Z[XH܈Z]Y[^x&Y[Y]H] [\˜XY\Hݙ\ MHYX\&H^\Y[B[HX\][HYX][ۈۛBݚY[X]\H]܈\B[[H\X\Y[\Y 'B܈\\[ܛX][ۈۈ[HقH\[x&\YH[HوX\]BX[Y[][ݘ]]BX\YHX\]HZ]K\]˂\Y]\]\KH܈۝XH[\X[Hۈ NL L ܈H[XZ[[š[\Y]\]\KK