The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 86

86 • SECURITYSYSTEMS PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE Smart technology is here to stay Only a few years ago, having remote-controlled operating systems within the home was an almost fanciful idea, yet today, smart heating, lighting and entertainment systems are an everyday reality for many people. » » NOW, HOME SECURITY IS NEXT IN line to undergo a tech transformation and consumers will begin to experience previously unattainable levels of convenience not usually associated with security products. With the help of ERA, the home security specialist, locksmiths now have the opportunity to offer discrete yet effective home security solutions, with all the benefits that smartware brings, to their customers. INNOVATION IS KEY Tania Tams, head of marketing at ERA explains, “Innovation is integral to ERA’s philosophy and the company’s smartware range, which includes alarms, video door bells, and soon-to-be-launched smart locks, provides the cutting-edge security technology that consumers now demand. ”It’s time for traditional locksmiths to embrace this new wave of security products with the reassurance that ERA’s smartware range has been subject to all the usual rigorous research and testing that they’ve come to expect and trust from us.” HOMEGUARD PRO – A CLOUD-BASED FIRST ERA’s HomeGuard Pro ‘easy fit’ home alarm system brings all the benefits of our other ERA smartphone intruder alarms, but with cloud capabilities to bring even more simplicity and control. With no control panel, just a hub, there is no complicated set up as this is all done via smartphone app and should the hub ever become damaged, all settings and data are safely stored in the cloud. The Cloud also enables the monitoring of multiple hubs from one account, meaning quick-flip viewing of different locations can be done in seconds. This is possible as it’s no longer the app talking to one hub, it’s the app talking to the Cloud which can hold the data from multiple hubs and report back to you fluidly on them all. Even better still, the super-fast communication means in the event of an intrusion, HomeGuard Pro will simultaneously alert all stored contacts and provide real time data via push notification, phone call and email. With quick and easy home security management you can log in, flip between IP cameras, review arm/disarm logs, all at the touch of a button. Also, as new integrations are released, or new features become available, the hub can simply be upgraded via the Cloud with no need for replacement or physical adaptions. ERA DOORCAM ERA DoorCam Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell is ideal for use by the householder when inside or outside the home. DoorCam allows the householder to view callers both while in the home and while away from home. Wherever they are, householders can talk to callers via real time conversation from anywhere, using a Smartphone. Equally handy outside or inside the home, the householder can plug in the WiFi chime which comes as standard, connecting up to four more chimes in the house, all part of the package. This means a chime will sound in the house, with selectable sound - volume and light function - eliminating the need to carry a Smartphone around the house. LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | ERA DoorCam is the latest addition to the company’s range of cloud-based smart-ware security products. Not only is the range a boon for householders, but also a superb and evolving commercial opportunity for locksmiths who can extend their offering outside of their usual field to offer add-on value to customers. DoorCam allows for two-way talk with high quality sound and provides adjustable volume, brightness and colour to suit the user. The video camera has a 180° field of view and records in 720pHD resolution and is available in black or white. The product’s infrared night vision ensures operation day and night and with optional motion detection and ability to customise focus to a specific area, the householder can tailor the DoorCam to suit individual preferences. Powered by connection to existing doorbell wiring or using an ERA plug in power supply, DoorCam connects to the home WiFi network. DoorCam comes with FREE Cloud Recording for 12 months and is easy to setup via a simple to use Smartphone App. REMOVING BARRIERS However, there are some concerns about the long-term reliability of such products, particularly ‘IT issues’. ERA’s smartware product manager, Kevin Spencer says, “We totally understand the concerns of those who simply want to fit the alarm and move onto the next job, with no come back later from customers who find that their phone no longer controls their device. “There is very little risk an installed HomeGuard Pro system would suddenly not be compatible any more with the customer’s phone, because as iOS or Android update their software, the HomeGuard firmware is automatically updated with a notification which is simply accepted by the user. “ERA is part of the developer’s programme for Apple and Android, which means that we are regularly updated by