The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 84

84 • SECURITYSYSTEMS PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE Protected & Connected: home security technology » » WITH BROADBAND SPEEDS RISING all the time and mobile connectivity improving capacity and coverage on a daily basis in the UK, the concept of the much-discussed home-based Internet of Things is now a reality. With lights, thermostats and even pet feeders being connected via smartphones, the capability to provide 24-hour protection to both loved ones and treasured items is within every householder’s reach. The latest government research is predicting that every household in the UK now owns at least 10 internet connected devices. As more consumers take advantage of connected home technology this number is expected to increase to 15 devices by 2020.* In this interview, Devin Chawda, CEO of home security specialists Y-cam, explains why 2018 is going to be the year of the ‘Protected, Connected Home’ and how locksmiths across the UK can build their revenue because of it. ‘over 70% of UK households are still not protected by a working burglar alarm’ Q: DEVIN, WHY IS 2018 LOOKING SO IMPORTANT FOR CONNECTED, SMART HOME DEVICES? “The UK has now reached a level of fixed and wireless connectivity that was unthinkable even five years ago. This connectivity, together with a big increase in consumer awareness, has led to a growth in the control of home utilities like lighting and heating, but astonishingly over 70%of UK households are still not protected by a working burglar alarm**. Surely the protection of your family, your pets and treasured items is more important than controlling the temperature of your living room? We believe that is a great opportunity for locksmiths to build their business with the right home security partner.” Q: WHAT SHOULD OUR READERS LOOK FOR WHEN CHECKING OUT THE LATEST HOME SECURITY TECHNOLOGY? “Home security technology has made rapid advances recently. The development of the next generation of self-monitored home protection systems provides consumers with the opportunity to check doors, windows, rooms, gardens and sheds with high quality, durable and cost-effective technology. “The best modern systems use professional standard ‘dual-path’ technology to provide 100% availability. A built-in SIM card automatically connects to the strongest mobile network in the area, and there’s an 8-hour battery backup, so the system remains fully operational, even if your internet connection is down or you have a power cut. And all of this controlled via a smartphone. “And one really important point; modern systems should have a Cloud storage facility; in other words, all the videos from the security cameras are stored securely away from the premises and not locally on the camera or a hard disk drive. Burglars and thieves can’t rip out the tapes or hard drives from underneath the stairs anymore! “With our cameras, every movement detected during the past seven days is recorded and stored in your secure online account, ready to view on your smartphone.” Q: WHAT ABOUT DATA SECURITY? “Y-cam treats the security of our customers’ data with the highest priority. We have a range of comprehensive security protocols which all our customers benefit from including banking level encrypted data transmission, regular automatic security updates, independent security reviews of all our platforms and highly skilled advisors. LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | Q: HOW DIFFICULT IS THE INSTALLATION? “Well for skilled, experienced tradesmen like locksmiths, it is a doddle! The market leading systems can be installed via a smartphone. Download the appropriate app, plug in the power cable and set up the system from an iOS or Android smartphone. The alarm sensors are ‘stick-and-go’. The system is expandable, so it can be customised to personal requirements. Some of the alarm and cameras can even be voice- controlled by Amazon Echo’s Alexa.” Q: SO WHY SHOULD A LOCKSMITH CHOOSE Y-CAM SMART-SECURITY ALARMS AND CAMERAS? To put it simply, revenue and profit; Y-cam can provide an incremental revenue stream from the hardware, as well as repeat revenue from the sale of the optional subscription services that other manufacturers keep to themselves. We are an independent, agile, innovative British company and we support our network of resellers with a whole range of activities; discounted demonstration stock, store POS, tech support and a full marketing and PR campaign. We also support resellers with business development tools to help them promote the fact that they are selling home security systems like e-mail shots and personalised collateral. There’s also a dedicated reseller phone number and portal for ordering, access to marketing assets, support, as well as training videos.” * technology-43305346 **The Sun March 2017