The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 79

Zero1 ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS A new range of electronic products by ISEO Group which totally changes the way to manage security and access control systems L ibra SMART Electronic Knob Cylinder S tylos SMART ries SMART Electronic Trim Set A 9000 Electromechanical Profile cylinder F Credential Reader YX\]H[Y\\ \\[H[X^]H[X[[HۚXŒTPT[XYX[X[܂\[\Yܜœ\[YB\ NM [[ۈVU]\H]X\X[\B[XۚXX\]XB[XۚX][\[“KX\\[Z]Y[] \؛]^KY^K\ZY[L K[[[ L  ML ^ L  L͎ •X˛K[X\\˘B[XZ[\[[\K[X\\˘BX\HYH[\]\ۈSL]