The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 71

Six Lever NKS Lock National Key Scheme Locks,Keys & Padlocks Newstar Door Controls Ltd Opening doors to independent living – the NKS (National Key Scheme) Key, operates over 9,000 locked accessible toilets across the UK. National Key Scheme approved keys are available to people who require use of the toilet facilities due to their disability or health condition. Braille identification Why are the Newstar NKS Locks Handed? These locks are often fitted where they are likely to be the subject of a considerable amount of abuse. When pressure is applied to non-handed locksets, forces are applied to the lock mechanism rendering it inoperable. The outcome is often that a disabled user is retained in the toilet. Handed locksets provide a mechanism that protects the lock from such forces to ensure continuing correct functionality of the toilet mechanism. Interchangeable The Newstar NKS lock can be operated with all the current NKS Keys on the market. In addition you can retro fit a Newstar NKS lock into any existing mortises without further adjustment. • Bow allows ease of use • Extremely tactile • Disabled logo • National Key Scheme (NKS) identification • Key Ring hole • Retro fit to existing NKS mortises • Bright red bow • Colours available no need for contrast backplate • Standard finish SSS The new enhanced NKS lock is now made as standard in Satin Stainless Steel (Grade 316) which is suitable for external use in excessive climatic conditions. The lever handle is a return to door safety type and com Y\]\[HY[][ۜˈ^\[HHY[]H[X]܈Y[YY\B[]\[]\\H\HZ[[[[Y\[H[X\H\[K][[^\[^[ˈ[YH]ۙH[\^HH\Y܈][˂^\[\]B^HX\[[X\B[\[[\ܚ^۝[[\[“]\][ p[\[\]B]\][ 0[] K[ۈ\[\\\[^Kܘ]\[ [LL [ M  L LLH^ M  LLLH[XZ[[]\\˝ZX˛]\\˝Z