The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 69

DOORCLOSERS&HINGES • 69 PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE UNION warns of the dangers of incorrect closer specification for non-insulated metal fire doors » » UNION, PART OF ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a UK division of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, is warning specifiers and installers about the dangers of fitting incorrect door closers for non-insulated metal fire doors. While many door closers are stated as being approved for metal fire doors, in several cases this only applies to insulated metal fire doors. And with around 8 out of 10 metal fire doors sold in the UK non- insulated, this means many door closers are not fit for purpose. Non-insulated systems provide certified fire resistance for integrity only, protecting against the passage of fire and smoke. However, as the name implies, these fire doors are not certified for insulation and so cannot protect against the passage of heat. This becomes an issue for a door closer that is filled with mineral semi- synthetic mix oil, as it can ignite when it reaches a high enough temperature. Certifire, the testing organisation, has recently revised their certification to more accurately state the type of metal fire door a door closer is approved for use.. REDUCED PACKAGING AND PRICE FOR TOP-SELLING DOOR CLOSERS » » ASSA ABLOY SECURITY Solutions has reduced the packaging and price of its top-selling DC200 and DC300 rack and pinion door closers, available now in two finishes. After listening closely to customer feedback, ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions has created two new models: the DC200-2 and DC300-2. Both offer 60% less packaging and are available in silver and stainless steel finishes, providing customers greater choice. Not only has the reduction in packaging reduced its environmental impact, it has also lowered the price to customers without any reduction in product specification and performance. Compliant with the recently updated BS 8300 standards for low opening forces, CE marked and Certifire approved, the DC200-2 and DC300-2 families offer a class- leading choice for size EN 2 to 6 applications (850mm to 1400mm). David Hindle, Head of Door Closer Sa ̰ͅ+q]܁ݔд)́əɵ)݅ѕѼ܁܁ݔ)ձѡȁɽٔ)  )͕ȁɥ 䁱ѕ)Ѽѽȁݔ)ٔɅѥɕՍ)ѡȁѡ͔)չ̰ݡ́ݕ)ѼɕՍѡɥȁ)ѽ̻t)ܹ̈́լ$$)ܹ̈́լ)9\M%8=H==H 1=MIL)MM 1=dU,MѥU,٥ͥMM 1=d)ѡȁȁͽѥ̰́ɕٕܰ)ѥѥٔ履ͥ͠ȁ́Ʌمȁ̸͕+ Q!9\M%8)ͥЁѕѡٽѥ)ѡéɕͥٔ)ȁɽљݥ)Ѽɍѕ́)ȁɅ͡)ȵեѥ)]Ѡٕͥ)ѥѕɕȰ)ѡܵɅ)ѥݥѠѡȁMM) 1=dɍѕɅɑ݅ɔ)́յɽ́ͥѥ)Ѽɕєє)ͽѥ́䁑ͥ)Q܁ͥ́)ѥхѡɔ)Ѽɽȁѡمѥٔ)Յ䁱ѕѡ)ͥ́ݥѡٕMM 1=d)ȁ͕ȸQ́Ց́ѡ)͵ѠɅѥ 4)5ѥ ѡѱ́ͥ) ͔5ѥ ѡ)ɽչɕɕ5ѥ )ѕ̰ɽ٥ͅ)͕ɔ䁍)́ȁ)ȁх̰ѡ)ͥх́ѡ)䁕͔хѥ)ȁݡMM 1=d)ȁ͕́ɔɕݹ)1= -M5%Q!)=UI90