The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 66

66 • DOORCLOSERS&HINGES No ifs with butts… APECS provides an eight-step plan for the professional installation of the butt hinge, plus key guide to different door hinges and their uses. » » THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF THE butt hinge; separable (left and right oriented doors) and universal. Doors that are mounted on separable hinges, can be removed at any time without disassembling the hinge, but it is necessary to know the orientation of the door in advance. Universal hinges are suitable for both, right and left oriented doors, but hinges can be dismantled at any time by removing screws from the door frame. Next, you will need to define the size and number of hinges which you need to install on the door. This could be done based on the manufacturer’s recommendations on the pack of the hinges. Tools required for hinge installation: • mallet hammer; • router and/or chisel; • screwdriver; • carpenter pencil; • construction level; • template for the router; • holder for the door leaf; • construction knife; Let’s review the hinge installation steps based on the APECS INOX hinge: universal fit, 3mm leaf thickness, finish Satin Nickel, ball bearings, maximum door load 40kg and 50kg. APECS INOX hinges are ideal for light duty interior doors in residential and commercial buildings. The high level of production gives these hinges a superior finish. Four ball bearings provide smooth and quiet operation while maintaining efficiency and durability. First, define the installation point. Determine the place of the hinge installation. Measure 200-250mm from the top and from the bottom edge of the door frame, and we will fit the hinge at this point. Draw a line around the hinge with a pencil. Step 2, make a hinge hole in the door. Place, one hinge leaf on the door and fix it to the frame. Make sure that the logo is facing upward. You could use door hinge router jig, or an installation template to make a neat hinge hole in the door frame. The router is adjusted to the desired depth of cut and mills the required hole. Step 2 Step 2 Step 2 A large variety of hinges are available from most hardware stores. The type bought depends on how it is to used and what it is to be fitted to. Below are some of the most popular hinges. » » THE QUALITY OF THE hinges can be determined by the following main parameters: • Thickness of hinge leaf. The thicker the hinge leaf, the more reliable the fastening the door to the door frame, lower backlash and slack fabric. • Finishing. Covering hinges should be uniform, no scratches, chips or sag. • Alignment of the parts. Hinge leaves must perfectly adhere to each other. The presence of bearing rings will also add to the hinge quality. BUTT HINGES Butt hinges come in a range of sizes ranging from 13mm to 150mm and are normally used for cabinet doors. They are very strong but cannot be adjusted once they are fitted. LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | BUTTERFLY HINGES Butterfly hinges are often used on light-weight doors; different shapes and patterns are available, and they are generally easy to fit.