The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 6

6 • INDUSTRYNEWS PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE CUT IT OUT: 3D PRINTER PROMISES EVEN FASTER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Checkatrade Hits Bullseye Checkatrade, the trusted online directory of over 29,000 recommended, vetted and monitored tradespeople, has signed a major deal to become a key partner of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and its popular series of events. » » THE FASTEST-GROWING INDOOR sport in the UK over the past decade, over 500,000 spectators will attend PDC events worldwide in 2018, with tournaments also broadcast to over 20 million viewers in more than 110 countries worldwide including through Sky Sports, ITV4 and BBC Sport in the UK. The partnership follows a successful initial sponsorship that Checkatrade undertook at the Unibet Masters competition in Milton Keynes earlier in the year, and will see Checkatrade branding opportunities including presence on the stage and players’ shirts during the full calendar of PDC televised events. Gavin Dutton, MD for Checkatrade said: “Darts is one of the fastest- growing and most well-loved sports in the UK. It’s also an electrifying experience for spectators and viewers. Through this partnership, the Checkatrade name and service will be broadcast to millions of potential new customers giving us a huge platform to promote our traders and their services.” » » MILA HAS REDUCED THE TIME IT takes to produce a precision prototype of a new hardware design from one week to just one day - thanks to its investment in its own high specification 3D printer. The hardware specialist says that this is having a significant impact on the speed at which it can deliver new products from design stage to production. Product Design and Quality Director Paul Pearson says: “Traditionally hardware designers work through specialist prototyping bureaus to produce these types of models on their behalf, which can be time consuming and fairly expensive.” The new 3D printer can produce extremely accurate, dimensionally stable models which Mila can use to check the working assembly of a design at every stage in the development process. The product design team are using the models to analyse how even the most complex designs can be assembled most efficiently and are now also able to send additional copies to the production engineers working at Mila’s worldwide supplier base to help them prepare for mass production. DON’T LOSE STAFF TO TECH- SAVVY COMPETITORS » » OVER TWO THIRDS OF EMPLOYEES admit they would prefer to work for a trade that was embracing digital technology over one that was stuck in the analogue past, according to a survey. conducted by mobile data capture service, WorkMobile. When asked why they’d rather work with digital technology instead of paper, a third (33%) think it would make documents easier to fill in and store, especially when working remotely, with the same number of LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | people also feeling it would make them more productive. Just under half (46%) of employees want their companies to invest in email, suggesting that a large number of businesses have not yet introduced this most basic form of technology – despite it being available for well over a decade. Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, said: “Investment in mobile technology brings a wealth of benefits for businesses, and also for their employees. The benefits are hard to dispute when so many companies have already reaped the rewards of switching. But, those remaining businesses that still rely heavily on paper really need to bring their processes up-to-date. Otherwise they could find that they’re losing some of their top talent to their more innovative, forward-thinking competitors.”