The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 56

56 • HISTORY&HERITAGE PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE Back to the future, and beyond present day » » TO CELEBRATE 175 YEARS OF business, Yale invited a group of visitors to go ‘time travelling’ at its site in Willenhall… “As the name consumers know and trust, it’s Yale’s responsibility to ensure its products not only meet but surpass the latest security standards. The message is simple, together we can make 2018 ‘Anything But Standard’. By choosing Yale products both homeowners and trade professionals can be assured they are purchasing superior quality products, tested to British Standards.” This is official introduction to Yale’s 12-month campaign that will see a number of videos, adverts, consumer and trade press, all highlighting how making simple security changes can make a big difference. To kick start the project – and celebrate its milestone birthday – Yale welcomed a select group of publications, including The Locksmith Journal, to take a trip down memory lane; back to where it all began, followed by a glimpse into the possible future of home security, with a few stop- offs on the way. THE YEAR IS 1843… Arguably the best-known and most- recognised name in the industry, it’s hard to imagine a world without Yale. In fact, 175 seems quite young for such a household brand. 1843 was the year when Linus Yale Jr patented the first pin tumbler locking mechanism (said to be based on ‘technology’ used by the Ancient Egyptians some 4,000 years ago), and the company set up shop in New York. The s RV 6r6&W2F6V>( 6&7F26&@FR6VfW2FRf'7BFVBf"GWw&FW 77VVBBFR66Ɩf6V@WFW'WBBv26FR7F'FrB`FR( Fr'WB7FF&N( VFV@B^( 2'F&VBvVfW'&g&F&rF27&rFP&vFFRv2f7FFFR( &V7Bg&ЧFRV7N( sRՔT"U$Uf"7BFRWBGv6VGW&W2P2vRF6VW"FRGW7G'76r'FfƖbfW"CFffW&VB&GV7G2v6&R6B36VG&W2fW"ffR6FVG2g&Ф44ԕDU$4TT#76&VB'6fR6fR6V6fR6ЧG&FFF"62vFr&Gv&RF62B6fW2FFR&R&V6VFǒЦV6VB6'BƗfr&vRW7BGvV'2vF6VFRF'262&2B6W&2f"FRWG&6fVV6R6V7W&GB&RWfV67F6FbFV6wVvW'2r7&fR'WBgFW"'&Vb7F'bFR6Bv2&6FFR&W6VBFvFFW"`FRf7F'g&^( 2VvVW&rvW"7FWfV7&FF6V6FRFRFW7B"B6BvF7WW'f6"V6R&WBW v#RזV"7F'BFR6ऄtd2dU5E2BTE4UE07FVWVB7F'vR66֗Fp27F2V67&gB2B26&VW"W7@2GW7G&W2WFF2pG2vFFRVf7GW&r&6W7207V6VvVW&rvW"7FWfVv2VVFBWBg&FRWG6WBbFRwVFV@FW"FBR2BFRWb( f7F'v&W'>( 'WBb( FV66ǒ6VB7FfbG&VBFv7F72B&GV7FfG( BFBGFGVFR26WBF6FVRf"FPf&W6VV&RgWGW&Rv62&V77W&pFVvBf"RFR( &&G2&RFpfW.( 6FV6w2WfFVBBf'rFVw&VW0g&FR6V6Bf6F'27FWFFPf7F'vF6vvRFR6( 07W7F&ƗGBVf&VF&V7G0ƖrFRvƲvW2FRV&VFW2@FTv&rWFG26fWG&F6fFBFWfVVBFFfW2fB67&VVF'2&fRv&r7FF0ffW"f7VvVVBb7V7G2bFP&GV7FƖR&V6W6R27FWfV62( ƗN( 0vBfFrWBF'&rFBv^( fPB&BFFF( B27V6'G2&W"VƗGWF26&RG&6VB&VFRBFW7Fr66&Fvǒ&FW"FVWBWfW"6vr&WV&VVG2b^( 07W7FW'2खw7BFRv7V2#vPW7WGFr6RFB6&P&w&VBfW&vBf"#Br&GV7FFW2FRWFr77FV( 2vFFV6w&6VBFbFRƖRVF6WVVB( 2FB62B6W2RWfW'B6V6G2BFRfW&vB7F