The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 53

HINTS&TIPS • 53 PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE 9 11 13 Next, push the cable guide and spindle through the holes in the door. Then slide the lugs up and down to align with the existing holes and push the handle onto the door. You can now remove the cable guide, this is no longer required. Fit the alignment tool to the internal fixing plate, making sure it is pushed all the way on and the handle is parallel to the door on both sides. Next, make sure the alignment tool is flat against the door and tighten all the screws fully. Make sure the arrows on the tailbar housing are pointing up. Mount the internal handle onto the door over the spindle and tailbar making sure to fold the cable into the cavity on the internal handle. 10 12 14 Please note: the thumbturn should not be moved until the installation is complete. 15 17 Make sure the lever handle operates freely once the screws are tightened. Insert batteries and attached the battery cover. You will now need to pair a card / tag. Press the R button to start. The light on the front of the lock should now turn purple. Hold the tag / card against the external reader under the Yale until the light turns green. 16 18 Please note: only one card/tag can be paired this way, subsequent cards/ tags can be paired later using the app. LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | Mount the internal fixing plate, making sure the cable goes through the bottom slot. Choose the new screw and insert either above or below the lever – this will correspond to where your lug was installed in the previous step. Do not tighten fully at this stage. Now remove the alignment tool being careful not to remove the spindle, this is no longer required. Take the cable and push it into the slot in the back of the internal handle, lining up the two red sides of the connector. Remove the radio and battery covers. Tighten all the screws in place ensuring the handle stays aligned. Now, hold the R button for fifteen seconds, waiting for the two beeps. Press the lever handle fully down and release, then lift the lever handle up fully. Press the R button to finish. The card / tag is now paired. The Yale Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock is now fitted. For full, detailed fitting instructions, please refer to the “how to” video on the Yale YouTube channel: watch?v=zX3bO-2efOI For further information on Yale’s range of Smart Door Locks or the complete of Smart Living range of connected security products, please visit www.ya լ͵д)٥