The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 51

PROUD SPONSORS OF LOCKEX 2018 LOCKEX2018 PREVIEW • 51 The safe choice for anyone wanting to see send their sales into fast forward, when it comes to VIDEO surveillance, Burg Wächter – Europe’s largest safe and post box manufacturer – will be discussing the different forms of VIDEO surveillance, new features, and the problems they solve in a one-hour workshop held at VARIOUS stages of the weekend in the brand new demo zone, right in the heart of the Ricoh Arena. Lockex 2016 VISITORS will remember Burg Wächter as the exhibitors with the fire safe demonstration unit as it proved to be one of the event’s most popular attractions. This year, the company has secured a larger stand to showcase an even broader range of products – including working demonstrations of the smart phone-operated electronic lock (SecuEntry) plus fire safes, post boxes, and smart locks. V Lockex is numero UNO when it comes to some of the ULTIMATE names in the industry UNVEILING their latest products. This year UltiM8 will be launching not one but two new lock picks; the long-awaited UltiM8 Yale SUPERIOR & Yale PLATINUM lock picks. And, just as with all UltiM8 tools, the two new family additions come with free training plus access to the password protected VIMEO site, where users have access to ALL the UltiM8 training videos, for ALL their lock picks and other tools too. Using VIMEO assures you that if any upgrade videos are subsequently launched after you’ve purchase your tool, you’ll get instant access to the additional videos as soon as you log in. U WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHY? As we are almost at the end of the guide, we alpha-bet you have pretty much decided you need to come, maybe a little recap of the event is in order… WHAT: Lockex 2018 – Security & Fire Safety WHEN: 8th, 9th, 10th June 2018 WHERE: Ricoh Arena, Coventry WHO: locksmiths, auto locksmiths, security specialists, fire safety officers, facilities managers, hardware wholesalers and retailers, specifiers, architects, planners, designers and everyone in between. WHY: The letter X is hard, so let’s try to extend some kind of explanation as to why there’s no excuse to exclude yourself from this year’s Lockex. Expect an extraordinary experience of exceptional exhibitors, all exchanging exciting ideas and exceeding every expectation at no expense to the visitor (and maybe even some fire extinguishers) – not even exaggerating… W & X YALE be mad to miss ASSA ABLOY UK at this year’s Lockex: Abloy UK will be presenting a comprehensive range of its most popular and best-selling mechanical and electronical products, with members of the product management team on hand to offer their expert advice, plus Lockex will see the launch of the brand new CLIQ GO smart lock; ensuring ‘serious security with simple access’. New look Mul-T-Lock have some very special – and secret – events in store but has revealed that there’ll be a chance for locksmiths to discuss how they join the organisation’s worldwide network of Mul-T-Lock partners. Meanwhile, over at Union, visitors will be able to get their hands on door hardware – including fire door products – plus wish Happy Birthday to the 200-year C-series (formerly Chubb). Last but not least, YALE, also celebrating a milestone anniversary, at a mere 175-years-old, will be displaying and demonstrating everything from the mechanical locks that have made ][B\ZH]X\][ܜ[[\\وH]\KB[HY\H[&]HHY&][K[\x&\8)\ \\HTSܚ ]HۙKZ\\[][ۈB]TH[XۚXX\]H[K[܈]]Z]BX^\[[]HH[HوXX[\X\HQS^Bܘ[[Y\ [H]\Y\Y\\ܘYJK[H ^Y^H[[B[\]ܜ\^HXX[\X\Z\XK[[[[H]\K[H][وHX\H[ []^Hܘ[[Y\ٙ\[][™YHXH]YHܙX]]X]\\[Y[H[ۙYTB[ܛX][ۈ\[HZ[[H[] [[ܙX\Y\X][ۈ\ [Z]]BY\H[H^XH\[Hو[[YH܈ۙYٝ\H^[Y[ˈB[X]][H\8&[\ YH[H]^BRUTS ˕RPVKҕS N