The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 5

INDUSTRYNEWS • 5 PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE GAI PUBLISHES TWO NEW LEGAL AND TECHNICAL UPDATES » » DOOR AND WINDOW hardware specialists can now benefit from two new technical briefings from the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI). ‘The GAI Guide to Door Closing Devices’ is designed to give architectural ironmongers, architectural technologists, designers and specifiers clear guidance on how to specify and supply door closing devices for self-closing fire doors. It covers the role of a door closer, CE marking, permitted power sizes and functions, fire testing and third-party certification. The other new technical briefing, ‘GAI Guidance on Rebranding’, outlines the changes from the Group of Notified Bodies’ interim guidance document released in November 2017. The guidance marks a change in Construction Products Regulation policy regarding the use of notified body certificates by any manufacturer that rebrands another’s products. The Guild has created its technical briefing to outline these changes and to give clarity on definitions to members. GAI technical manager, Douglas Masterson, said: “The Guild continues to produce and update its technical briefings as part of its commitment to providing high quality technical advice to members. It is important that ironmongery professionals continue to keep up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practice in order to pass on the best service and advice to their customers.” Simple. Safe. Skanwear. » » PUTTING FULL CONTROL IN THE hands of employers, Skanwear’s cutting edge ordering platform - Safeline - allows customers to effectively manage equipment and budgets without compromising on safety or quality. The problem-solving web portal lets companies select the products they want to offer employees, who can then use an individual login to place an order. Employees around the world can access the portal at a time that’s convenient to them and navigate in their native language. Businesses set the agreed products, manage budgets, and can design the platform to incorporate its own branding. With a comprehensive order overview, spend reports, and powerful tracking capabilities it’s becoming the essential way for companies to order practical, comfortable clothing for staff worldwide. Angus Long, Global Technical Manager of Skanwear, said, “Safeline provides the perfect solution to ensure safety garments and accessories are deployed throughout the whole of the workforce. The platform recognises that workers will have their ‘effectively manage equipment and budgets without compromising on safety or quality’ own personal preference for the items they use and gives them the freedom to choose from lines already selected, benefiting both employers and employees without adding time consuming tasks.” ASTRA CLOSERS TOWER OVER LONDON DOCKLANDS » » HUNDREDS OF ASTRA 3000 SERIES concealed door closers are making a safe, reliable and efficient contribution to the chic interior design scheme in Arena Tower, in the capital city’s Docklands. The Astra door closers were chosen by the architectural ironmonger John Planck Ltd; its ironmongers worked closely with developers Galliard Homes to create a scheme that is not only visually stunning but complies with all fire, accessibility and security regulations. Unlike other jamb-mounted concealed closers on the market, the Astra 3000 series is fully controlled and adjustable, making it a viable alternative to overhead products. This adjustability helps specifiers to achieve doors which comply with the Equality Act 2010, Building Regs LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | Insafe. )ALЁȁɅ́ѡ)II<ȁɔ̸QM销ٕ́ͥ(̤́ɽٕѼ8Ѐݡѡ)ݕȁэѥ͕́ЁѼ᥵մ) ɭɔѕ́ɑ)ݥѠ M8д M8д(䁡ٔͼɥи)ɇè͕ɥ́́ՙɕ)ѡU,ȁɕЁݕȁͥ́ݥѠ)хͥэ)ѥȁɕЁͥ锁ݕ́)̸չՔɅձѽ͕)́хɽɅє)ȁɔѽѡȁݥѠх+a͹ѥdȁٕɍѡэ