The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 48

PROUD SPONSORS OF LOCKEX 2018 48 • LOCKEX2018 PREVIEW M MISS it, MISS out! Lockex only takes place every two years, so if you’re thinking “I’ll go next year” you’re MISSING an opportunity that’s available right now. Take your PICK of slots for the BDB masterclass hosted by Tony Ryan, BDB Lock & Safe is a Coventry-based safe specialist with over 30 years’ experience. This is a one-hour introduction specifically designed to cater for locksmiths who wish to branch into opening safes through unforced/PICKING means. All workshops are absolutely free, and you can attend as many as you like, but you must reserve your space in advance so you don’t miss out. With industry-leading names from all over the world taking part, and limited spaces available, secure your place at as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. P Lockex is NOT your ORDINARY trade show, and this is NOT your ORDINARY guide to Lockex, so we’ve decided to combine N and O into ONE NEAT NOTE… In fact NO-ONE should even go to Lockex really. That is, NO-ONE that expects a weekend of irrelevant exhibitors and stands that exist only to promote themselves with nothing in return for the visitor, three precious days off wasted and leaving with an empty wallet, wishing you’d stayed at home with the family – or worst – worked instead. If, however, you are a locksmith, auto locksmith, security specialist, fire safety officer, architect, designer, planner, or specifier that prefers an industry event that listens to its visitors and exhibitors, monitors current events and responds to the accordingly, features the biggest and best names from all over the world, and lets the visitors leave with more than they came with; then sure, maybe, Lockex might be the NUMBER ONE show for you. N & O ‘QUALITY of service’ is the motto at Lockey, and with more than 35 years of industry experience, it’s one that certainly seems to be working out for the Hertfordshire-based team. Distributing its own brand of mechanical digital door locks (invented and manufactured in Japan), the east/west operation combines tradition with innovation providing a product range based on convenience, reliability, choice, and of course, QUALITY. The Lockey stand will be an array of digital door, gate, cabinet, and locker locks, plus gate closers and accessories throughout the Lockex weekend. Pay a visit to see for yourself why QUALITY is always the best choice. Q With an approach that can simply be summed up as ‘RIGHT time RIGHT place’, non-destructive entry experts, Teamwork, who work exclusively within the utility sector (including the Big Six), will be offering Lockex visitors a unique opportunity to join its network of more than 200 specialist locksmiths. Working together at Teamwork, is literally the name of the game, and Douglas and Sophie look forward to speaking to locksmiths, shutter specialists, carpenters, and dog handlers, who think they have what it takes to join the team. R SKS, SALTO SYSTEMS and SECUREFAST, oh my! With each of these exhibitors offering up an array of SECURITY 4UD2N( 2G&RG&VBf"6Wf6F'2fW"BFR427FBwVW7G2v&R&RFfWpBFR'BV&W"bFV2bFR6( 0WFV6fR&vRb7WGFrWVVBW2FRWpvVrBVF6FR6W2VvP4D55DT2v&R4t44rFRfW'&W7@bG2( 7&VB66W7>( 6WF26VFrFR'&BWpF64%B6FRFW7BfFfR&W6FVF66W726G&fǒ4T5U$Td5Bv&R&WGW&rF6Wf"6V6BFRBvV6֖r( R@WfW'^( FG27FBv6v&R&W6VFrW bFvF622BVW&vV7WB&Gv&R6W 6266W726G&77FV2V66BVV7G&0&GV7G20WN( 2vWBDT446W2&VBF@W7B&R6rFB2G'F&B6VF6FfPVFV6Rf7B^( 6VRg&FRW&F'2FB7BbFVfRFVBFFV"7FG2vFDT44DT2vV2"WfV7FVBb6W0"&WFrFVFR&V6&VBF22FBFP&W7BvFVFW'7FB&GV7B2F6ǒvWBW G2B6WV7BF6VRG2b'GVGFv&vFFRF2BBWVVBF7&FW"FআfrFV&VBv7266W22bW6WVgW'FW&&R2vV2&Vr&RFfRDU"FPWW'G2v&RBvFFRDD2BE$42f"rFvWBFR7BWBbW"D2bFRE$DR@44ԕDU$4TT#