The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 44

EV ER E I N VE Y G S T RY R A OC S D K IZE E NO W Guardian S2 PROFESSIONAL & HOME SAFES NEW WARDROBE DEPTH SIZE S2-16E • £4,000 Cash Rating* • £40,000 Jewellery and Valuables Rating* • Independently Tested and Certified by LPCB to European Standard EN14450 • Approved by The Association of Insurance Surveyors • Fire Protection Material in Door and Body • Hard Wearing Black Sparkle Finish 3 YEAR WARRANTY LIFETIME REPLACEMENT 9 SIZES - ELECTRONIC OR KEY 1000mm Kitchen Counter Height BS EN 14450:2005 Cert/LPCB ref. 1106b Desk Height NEW SIZE NEW SIZE 500mm NEW SIZE 250mm 0 12E 16E 28E 36E 30E 42E 62E 64E 86E Register Online or Call Now for your copy of the NEW GUARDIAN S2 BROCHURE! 01902 77 33 11 INSAFE.COM / TR ADE SAFES SINCE 1840 Britannia Works, Blakenhall Industrial Estate, Moorfield Road, Wolverhampton, W V2 4QT © 2018 - The Insafe logo is a registered trade mark of Insafe International Limited which includes the Pantone 268C purple square. *Cash, jewellery and valuable ratings are recommended. Positioning of the safe, type of premises, location and other security measures may also affect ratings.