The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 40

PROUD SPONSORS OF LOCKEX 2018 40 • LOCKEX2018 PREVIEW SEVEN THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT JASON TYLER » » JASON TYLER, 47, STARTED UP HIS own locksmith business after 25 years in the Army. Now living in Rochdale, with his wife and daughter, he dedicates his spare time to raising awareness for mental health after his own journey to the “darkest place”. Here he tells The Locksmith Journal how the Army allowed him to travel the world in some of the toughest situations but the return to “Civvy Street” was his hardest challenge… 1. A JOKE THAT TURNED INTO A JOB “I started locksmithing when I was in the military. When I was working at the intelligence centre, we kept locking ourselves out of the Mk 4 Manifoils and I jokingly said ‘one of us should do this course to save money’. I did a couple of courses and found it really cool that we could pick locks, then just became obsessed with it. I then did another course in Birmingham with Jason Hillier - a legend of the trade - and we now are close friends. In total I think I did about 12 weeks-worth of courses, and I’ve tried to work with individuals who I knew I could learn from one-to-one. After only five years, I’ve started picking open older safes and looking at going in that direction. I’ve spent nearly 6 years building up my reputation and business and have met some great guys along the way.” 2. BUILDING RIDES, MENDING LIVES “I am Ambassador of the Veterans Garage charity in Manchester; born from a young royal engineer called Jayson Redshaw who saw his best friend killed in action and never really got over it. The charity was set up by his dad and brother with the aim to have a one-stop-shop for veterans in a facility that can give advice, counselling, work opportunities, training opportunities, and employment, but most of all, a safe environment to be around like-minded individuals, whether they be former servicemen or civilians. The charity’s HQ will take the shape of a converted grade-2 listed former terminal building on Barton aerodrome, Eccles. The current premises will be converted into a terminal building where most facilities will be, there will also be a smokehouse and bar to will help fund money back into the project. Last but not least, there will be the garage to restore motorbikes and cars. We have also been donated 30 acres of land to run activities outdoors such as Tough Mudder style events and a respite retreat on the North Wales coast. After a 16-month planning delay we are now back on track. In the meantime, we’ve completely converted a building situated next door into a business centre for Veterans Garage.” 3. AS SEEN ON TV “I was working away on a job when an old friend got in touch and said a lady from London was going to call and would I listen to what she had to say. I trusted him and said ‘okay, just for you’. She called, and two weeks later I signing a contract for Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins. The program takes 25 volunteers and over nine days gives th VWW&V6RbvN( 0&WV&VBbFR7V6f&6W26VV7F&6W72RbFRFVvW7B6VvW02FR&W67F6RFFW'&vF6Rv62vW&R6Rv2vFB֖FFWFFR&w&( 26V`7G'V7F"2&FR&W67F6R6R`2v6VV7F6W'6RF26W&W2v0fVB&66BVFW"6G&7Bv2BvVBFFVRVFB&VB6BbVRvW&RBWV7FpF6VRREbBFRFR66'VVFRWfVBrǒf2bFP6r&V6v6RRBv2v0FR7GrgFVVWBƖPW'FBFRvrFvB'&V@7W76WFR7V&V7G27G'V7FVB&P676fVB'WBVFVƖvV6P&V2ǒ&VB&W67FrFW'&vFB7W'ffr6FfG( УB$ՒD3( tU4R.( Ю( ĒVBWBb2V"VFW"B6W&gV6&VW"'WBWfW"GFV@גr6W'f6RBvB6GV7BVFv6VƖfVBf"Gv6RFBFF( @7FRvrFR&B6F0v'&Bff6W"672B&VvVF6W&vVB"FVG2f"FP44ԕDU$4TT#7BV'2bג6&VW"v&VBFPVFVƖvV6RB76v6v&f&R&V2Bv27G'V7F"@Gf6"BFRvW7BWfV2F2GW&VBRFv&vFFR7V6f&6W06VGv2fW'66VV7@VBFBv2W6VBFG&VRvvW&RFVVVB&RF6GW&R@WFF6W'fVBWfW'FVG&R`W&FFBFRTf&6W2vVBFגFSg&'FW&&VBF&6FFR֖FFRV7BFFRU4FR&אvVBRF&66ǒG&fVFRv&@FrvW6R"( УR( UdU%D( 2tBDEDU"r$BdTT( Ю( vVVgBFR&ג#2v0FWFW&֖VBF7F'BWrƖfRf"אf֖ǒגFVvFW"v2&VBbזV'2ЦB'WB( Bǒ6VVW"f"&VBGvbFV&VƗGWfVFRF6Rv0&&6&7F2Fv2&6Bv&FRWBFvVVgBFVvB( @G&6FVBvVF( 6gg( ƖfRf7Bv27VffW&r76fVǒvFVF