The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 33

PROUD SPONSORS OF LOCKEX 2018 FIXTURES & FITTINGS – the good sports at Lockex (the same team behind The Locksmith Journal) this year scheduled the event on the earlier dates of the 8th, 9th and 10th June, around two months shy of the two-year mark since Lockex 2016. With 2018 boasting a super summer schedule of sporting events including the World Cup in Russia and Commonwealth Games in Australia, Lockex is perfectly situated on a weekend that avoids any major international FOOTBALL, cricket, athletics, golf, tennis, cycling or motor racing. F You’re not youself when you’re HUNGRY, and that’s why every day at Lockex starts with a free breakfast butty, plus plenty of free food and drink throughout the day – not even including the free refreshments many exhibitors provide on their stands, HELP yourself, fill your boots; the only thing you’ll never go HUNGRY at Lockex. H LOCKEX2018 PREVIEW • 33 The auto locksmith area has gone up a GEAR this year. As the first ever locksmith show that included its own designated auto locksmith area, Lockex 2016 is probably being talked about in GARAGES up and down the country ever since! This year exhibitors include the 3D Group with a selection of dash cams, OSCA, Mr Li Picks, decoders, diagnostics, and Autohex and Xhorse programming masterclass; Advanced Keys – the UK’s official distributor of The Diagnostic Box; Canas Ltd of Bulgaria with various key cutting and car blanks products and services (for all manner of makes and models); Hickleys (see Z!); Keyprint and its expert team demonstrating automotive key programming tools, high security van locks, cutting and opening tools; plus Lockdecoders, who will exhibiting the latest developments in transponder cloning, advanced computerised key cutting machines by Miracle, and more. Oh, and NW Keys has chosen Lockex as its official launch pad for ‘The Remotes Manual 2018’, its follow up guide ‘The NW Keys Transponder Manual 2016’ – more commonly known in the industry as the ‘auto locksmith bible’ – GOOD GRIEF! G With a brand name that stands for ‘INNOVATION and customer-oriented added value’, the team from Hoppe will be leading a one-hour workshop looking at the specification of IRONMONGERY for security; helping you to understand regulations, standards, and the Secured by Design INITIATIVE. Also of INTEREST, the Guild of Architectural IRONMONGERS (GAI) will be conducting several one-hour seminars for fire and escape doors to help you to understand regulations, standards and the legal, financial, and ethical consequences of IGNORING the risks regarding correct specification, supply, maintenance, and INSPECTION of fire doors. I JINGLES all the way… Do you listen to music when you’re at work? And if so which station do you tune- in to? We have a feeling after Lockex, you maybe switching over to Fix Radio, and here’s why… Proud to be the only radio station in the UK dedicated to tradespeople – or ‘working class heroes’ as Fix Radio knows them by – men and women up and down the country, tune in to hear hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, ‘detailed and relevant weather forecasts’ plus some fun and cheeky DJs to make the working day go that little bit easier. That’s why Lockex has invited Fix Radio to the Ricoh Arena this year to be the official ‘soundtrack of the show’. Louis Timpany, CEO of Fix Radio says, “From the free breakfast butties on arrival, meal tickets throughout the day, free parking, free training and even making sure the event doesn’t clash with any major sporting events, Lockex and Fix Radio seem to be totally in tune with each other. Fix Radio knows that our listeners work hard and that’s why we work hard to live up to our motto too; ‘We’re nailing it!’. It’s great to see that Lockex also puts the interests of the tradespeople in the UK first and we can’t wait until the event this June.” J This year’s Lockex sees a KEY change to the programme since the inaugural outing. Here’s Rob, with why, “We didn’t want Lockex to be an one-hit wonder so the second show had to include everything the visitors liked from 2016, but with some new features that made it even better. This year we’ve expanded the horizons of Lockex to include the industries of security and fire safety – as well as locksmiths and auto locksmiths – meaning that builders, specifiers, planners and designers can get a full range of information from just one show. It also means that exhibitors will have a new variety of visitor to demonstrate their products and services to.” K So you probably thought L was for locksmiths right, wrong… L stands for LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Here’s organiser Rob again, “The Ricoh Arena in Coventry, couldn’t have been a more perfect venue in terms of size, facilities and location for Lockex 2016, but this time, we’ve reconfigured the space a bit differently. Last time the speakers and seminars were placed outside of the arena, but for this show we have situated the training area right in the centre the floor space, which means that visitors will be able to attend more seminars and waste less time walking in between classes. Again for exhibitors, this means greater footfall around their stands throughout all three days of the show without visitors leaving to attend workshops.” L LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018