The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 20

20 • INDUSTRYNEWS PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE ERA acquires Zoo Hardware » » UK SECURITY EXPERT ERA HAS successfully completed the acquisition of Zoo Hardware, a leading supplier of architectural hardware including handles, knobs, locks and hinges. Based in Carlisle, Zoo has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2010 and today offers a wide selection of products in aluminium, brass, stainless steel and zinc. Commenting on the acquisition, Robin Graham, founder and managing director of Zoo Hardware said, “Architects and contractors across the country have grown to rely on Zoo for hardware that represents outstanding value for money without ever compromising on quality. ERA is the perfect platform for our next stage of growth and we are delighted to be joining forces with such a significant player in the UK market.” Darren Waters, CEO of ERA said, “ERA already has a well-established presence in the residential hardware market under the ERA and Fab&Fix brands, so Zoo’s strong reputation in the commercial hardware market is an excellent fit with the strategic goals of our business. We have been impressed by Zoo’s rapid growth over the past seven years and their relentless focus on quality and value. I’m delighted to welcome the Zoo Hardware team into the ERA family.” ‘Zoo’s strong reputation in the commercial hardware market is an excellent fit’ Put Carl Kammerling to the test with the new Kasp Starter Display » » KASP LOCKS ARE renowned throughout the industry for being locks you can trust. As part of its ongoing strategy, Carl Kammerling International is keen to help its customers maximise sales with the eye-catching Kasp Starter Display. Including a great range of premium padlocks, through three different colour coded security levels; ideal for a wide range of tasks; Combination; Weatherproof; Long Shackle; Keyed Alike; Laminated; Premium Brass; 160 D 63'6Vf&VCBVgGWG6&F62FR7FBG6V`6VFW2v72vƖvFW 6&BcCSҒv6&fFW26'B&6rF@FR&vRFvWFW"B7&VFPV7B7F&RFP6&B2FVf"6rW7Fr&WFF7vpW&fV7FǒvFRB'&p6BBVv&&BF72F6W"7'&@F&V7F"6VG3( vR&Pv2rf"v2FV7W7FW'27&V6RFV"6W0'G'rWBWr66WG2@FRWr77F'FW"F7&fFW2FV'GVGFFW7Bw&VB&vRb607F&R( Чwwr6&ƶW&Ɩr6ФԔ( 2$4T5U$RDRtUE0TDDRTD%4TT@+ +Ԕ( 2$4T5U$RE3pGv7F"6V7W&GFR0&V6VfVBvB2&&&ǒFPVFFRVF'6VVBfp&VV66V'7V6Ɨ7@66֗F26VFVBW'GvWƖ6Rff6W'26Vfd4v6W&FW07&726VffVBBFP6WF&6&R&Vv0r&WFVǒfGFrFR֖FR&RFbbG07FF2vfr7W7FW'0FR66RbVFW"R7F "F&VR7F"7ƖFW"fGFV@w6FRशWf6B066&2&FBF&V7@WW&V6RbfW7FvFp'W&v&W2BGf6pW6VFW'26V7W&G&WfVF&Vf&RFW6W@W6Vfd4vF6&>( '&FW"&6&BFWWrFP'F6Rb7FƖrf7VFWFW'&VBFR&GFRv7@'W&v'2BFVFfVBFR֖&6V7W&RFR2&fFpFRFV6&FbVƗGBfVRf"FV"7W7FW'2शWf66C( ĒW@&Ɩf2'W&v'2GW&pגƖ6R6&VW"`vFBRFW6ǐvƶVBvg&&W'FW044ԕDU$4TT#76&VB'6fR6fR6V6fR6ЧvFVffV7FfRf6&R6V7W&GB6Vfd4vRv0Gf6R7W7FW'2vF7VF&RF"GRFfR֖v6V7W&GFRvF6V7W&VB'FW6vvfGFVBWfVbFW&R66rF&VR7F"7ƖFW"FRWG&f7VFWFW'&VBB&fFW20FVfFVǒv'FvR( Чwwr֖6Vwwr6Vff66V