The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 111

AFFORDABLE... FREE UPDATES... NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS! FREE TRAINING INSTALL & SETUP WITH SELECTED MODELS PURCHASED VVDI RANGE: DEMOS ON STAND AT LOCKEX 2018 Come and see what the Xhorse range has to offer at the LockEx 2018 tradeshow. Our lead technician will be on stand to demonstrate what the full range can do. We will even have stock available on stand for you to take away on the day! As always we will be offering up to 50% off all products when you checkout on stand so build up your orders throughout the week and see us on stand to save money! REASONS TO SEE US ON STAND AT LOCKEX 2018 • • • • • • Expert advice from our lead technician Find Xhorse add-ons that save you time/money Get hands on with demo’s on stand Up to 50% disco [ۈ]\][B\HX][KX^Hٙ\•[^\[[H\]\ۈ[BYH\ۈ[[H]]X[ۈX\BY]\XKQHTSSHӓSNԑT΂Xˌܛ\Z˘BۙN  LLMHM H L‘[XZ[[]Z\Y\ ܛ\Z˘BYHZ[[ۛH]Z[XH][XYXY\\\Y Z[[ۈ[XY]\ۛH[[Z]Y]Z[X[]KX[Y\KB\\HY[HZ[[]\܈[[][H[YK [\\YH[[H\]Z[XHۈܙ\و0̍L[ݙ\ H\X[T܈ L[۝ˈ[ܙY]\XXX\[KܙY]\ݚYYH[H\][]Z[