The Locksmith Journal May/Jun 2018 - Issue 56 - Page 10

10 • INDUSTRYNEWS PROUD SPONSORS OF THIS PAGE WILL AUTOMATION UNDERMINE OUR ‘BASIC HUMAN NEEDS’? British Safety Council says our understanding of changing risks to health, safety and wellbeing needs to improve, in a new report… » » THE PUBLIC DEBATE ON the future of work has centred so far on the likely shape of the workplace and its implications for both employers and employees. Yet, the impact of automation on the workplace will be more fundamental than is commonly understood; it may undermine such basic human needs as social identity, economic security and a sense of belonging. ‘Future risk: Impact of work on employee health, safety and wellbeing’ - commissioned by the British Safety Council from RobertsonCooper researchers - explores the changes that employers and employees are likely to experience over the next 20 years. It focuses on the risks of these changes to the health, safety and wellbeing of the workforce: • Implications of ‘any time, any place’ work. • Need to build resilience. • Forward thinking education. • Updating regulatory systems to protect modern workers. • Understanding future risks. Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns at the British Safety Council, said: “There is an urgent need to have a more strategic view on what research says about the future of work and risk, and how these two issues are related”. £5,000 FOR 5,000 HOURS TO GM FUNDRAISING » » BRISANT SECURE HAS donated £5,000 to GM Fundraising, to celebrate the revolutionary Lock Lock door security handle surpassing an unprecedented 5,000 hour salt spray test. GM Fundraising has been the industry’s charity of choice over the years, raising over £1.8million in the process, with the aim of achieving £2 million by 2020. Several epic cycling adventures and a recent ladies only ‘Paddle2Pedal’ event, continue to capture the imagination of all those involved, including many long-term supporters. This donation is a fitting way to mark the fact that Lock Lock, with a bathroom furniture grade coating, has surpassed a never heard of level of durability at 5,000+ hours. Typical testing standards require 240/480 hours, which equates to an improvement of over 1,000% against other tested handles. Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure commented: “We’re redefining expectations for hardware. Our aim is to develop an unrivalled product range in terms of longevity and performance, and with a new suited hardware range tooled up for production in the coming months, we’ll again be challenging convention in the sector. We felt this was a fulfilling way to mark this milestone.” A thriving partnership » » TITON HAS BEEN THE EXCLUSIVE UK distributor for Sobinco for nearly 40 years, supplying hardware such as pivots, catches and handles, locks, lift-slide systems, and handoor hardware. With aluminium windows and doors growing in popularity, Titon is experiencing significant demand for hardware in this sector. The company has a huge range of products designed specifically for aluminium, many of which originate from Sobinco. Commenting on the relationship with Sobinco, Julian Wiseman, Sales Director (Aluminium) at Titon, said: “Our relationship with Sobinco has strengthened significantly over the years. From humble beginnings with just a small group of products, we now have an enormous portfolio available.” “Given the resurgence in aluminium windows and doors throughout the commercial and domestic markets alike, customers are looking for high quality, aesthetically pleasing, technically sound LOCKSMITHJOURNAL.CO.UK | MAY/JUN 2018 Sponsored by Insafe | | hardware products – and the Sobinco range certainly fits the bill.” Titon has seen a year-on-year increase in sales of aluminium hardware which, in addition to the Sobinco range, also includes the company’s own handles, espags, hinges and trickle ventilators, as well as options from other manufacturers. Additionally, Titon also provides its customers with full technical advice and support, to ensure all products perform reliably and effectively.