The Local News 09/09/2017

LOCAL NEWS | UCKG.ORG | 020 7686 6000 1 CAN WORDS KILL? HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH CONFLICT? There is a current spat between two powerful world leaders – American President, Donald Trump and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un – that has taken the media by storm. Threats of bombing territory and releasing “fire and fury” have got the world wondering if all this could be the start of a massive catastrophe. But are the exchanges between these two leaders really the best way to deal with such a conflict? PAGES 10 & 11 I EXPERIENCED A TRANSFORMATION THAT I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE HAPPILY NEVER AFTER? PAGE 10 Today I can honestly tell you that I am happy. I am a stronger person but it wasn’t always the case. PAGE 9 PAGE 6