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One special evening in Cuba At the entrance to the bay of Havana stands a castle tower. Built in 1585, El Morro protected the people of Havana from pirates and corsairs and over the centuries, through wars, much damage and reconstruction, it has become an iconic symbol of the history of Cuba. Today El Morro is the centre of a lively cultural life and it is with respect for this important landmark that Restaurante El Morro de la Habana was named. Step inside and relish the experience of ‘one day in Cuba’, where original Cuban artifacts decorate the walls and musicians play Latino rhythms. The intimate courtyard area has a beautiful water feature and a mock ‘beach bar’ with a complete menu for Mojito’s alone! El Morro de la Habana serves the best of Cuban dishes, with sharing starters such as Havana Nights - an assortment of pork chunks, potato filled with steak strips, fried sweet plantains wrapped in bacon, tomale and fried plantains with black bean hummus and main courses which include Gambas Camaguey - prawns in Creole sauce, onions, green peppers, wine and tomato sauce with rice and fried plantains and El Matancero - slow roasted pork leg with mojito garlic sauce, rice, black beans and cassava in mojo sauce. Black rice, plantains, mojo sauce, sweet potatoes and cassava are typically served in Cuban cuisine and make a delicious and refreshing change from usual menus. The staff at El Morro are also exemplary courteous and attentive, and we had a wonderful evening. It was finished with house desserts which included Cuban Bread Pudding and Guava Cheesecake. Just one note: Go hungry as the portions are substantial! To make a reservation call: 952 886 559 (See also page opposite) Tel: 951 395 817 Nail Treatments Hands & Feet n Manicures n Acrylic Nails n Gelac Nails n Gel Nai ›HYX\\‚[[ۙ^H]\^B\ۈXX܈ٙ\ ]‚[ K\[[\[HHX[[\H M \\ۘK]HH[]܈[\H[ BX\HY[[ۈH[[\ۙ[Y\\[Y[YH ‚