The Livery Newsletter and Gazette Issue 30 Spring 2019 - Page 3

position. On the day, it was Liz Green that won. Her excellent credentials and impressive campaign delivered and she has since been installed along with Aldermanic Sheriff Vincent Keaveny, both of whom are now fulfilling their roles with aplomb. Another privilege that will long remain etched in my memory was attendance at the Silent Ceremony, the occasion where power is transferred from the outgoing Lord Mayor to the new on the ‘Friday next preceding the second Saturday in November in every year’. Tickets are hard to get which are allotted by ballot so the Clerk and I were fortunate to get to see Alderman Charles Bowman hand over the Sword and Mace of office to Alderman Peter Estlin, two men of exceptional ability with very different styles. However, of all the memories that I most treasure, it is those associated with the charities; those that our Company supports and others that I have encountered along the way. The Childrens’ The lunch was deliciously catered by Mark Grove Magical Taxi Tour is prominent amongst these. and his team at Cook & Butler and we cracked Attending the breakfast in Canary Wharf to meet along at a goodly pace. Our guests were admirably the children, by their families Fran and Morrison carers was and truly introduced Liveryman our special. The combination of the excitement of the and Principal Guest, Tim Wonnacott gave a generous children ahead of the taxi journey to Disneyland very humorous reply to which I responded initially Paris and the poor poignancy by drenching Tim in of a one’s glass thoughts of water - about he was the often life threatening conditions suffered by so very kind about it (sorry Tim!). I was very pleased many was This charity, inspired by to show off overwhelming. the newly found Livery Grant of Arms Phillip Davis, Master Hackney Carriage Driver, is and Letters Patent which have been missing for many now in its 25th year and fully represents the essence years - our Clerk tenaciously sought them out, and of benevolent work the Livery Companies. the the new Immediate Past of Master, Chris Allen, and his We support D Company (London Irish a re- IPM, Mark Gower-Smith have funded a Rifles), beautiful part of the London Regiment Reserve. presentation and they are now Army resplendent in The frames Mistress and I attended a dinner at their barracks in carved with tobacco leaves (or close to); Sandra also September to mark the anniversary of The Battle of located a huge banner not seen since 1985 and Angus Loos 1915 Clerk where to the won Mariners battle honours. The shy Menzies, the unit Master and never tribute paid by the modern Company was moving of a challenge saw to it that it was displayed on the as they recounted the valour and the losses of those Quarterdeck. ‘Footballers of Loos’. More recently we learned of Whilst all this was a going apparently the charity, ‘Give Book’ on, which sources biblical- new books style downpours were being had all over London that are then provided to underfunded schools - oblivious that children drama we our lunch and prisons to to all offer and ended offenders access and literature trooped where back to they the otherwise quarterdeck where Coffee, to would not. The Cigars, and Cognac awaited us (I did mention that charity was only set up in 2011 in memory of writer our Livery enjoyed dining on but the is High C’s..) providing and and playwright, Simon Gray, already which seemed to hit the mark – Liveryman Jemma between 15,000 and 20,000 books per annum to Freeman had kindly provided the torpedo cigars people that need them in and around London. and had had them placed in souvenir tubes with our Whilst there are only three months to Crest emblazoned on it. Several of us remaining also sported my Master’s year, Livery there is Smoking still much look forward a limited edition hat to - originally to, including the Lord Mayor’s Masters Banquet conceived as a sort of shooting hat, it serves its at Mansion House, United hat, Guilds the Lord purpose so well as the a “team” that Service, of the twenty Mayor’s Lunch and visits to Sheffield and ordered, Big but Curry one remained by the close of the day! Bristol to attend banquets hosted by the Cutlers of the Thank you to the Master Mariners for allowing us Hallamshire and to the Tim Merchant Venturers. use of the venue, for being a perfect Accounts Principal of these and many more will be posted to the my Guest, and for everyone attending and giving Master’s on our website year such Blog a special start. Highlights from the Livery Companies circuit are hard to decide with each event being excellent in its own way in magnificent halls and rare settings. However, some notable details include the sight of the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers, resplendent in their 17th century uniforms and weapons providing the carpet guard at the Pewterers’ Lord Mayor’s Dinner followed by the clamour of their drums when the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs arrived. There was the privilege of meeting and chatting with the young man who received the Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery at the Security Professionals’ Annual Banquet. He literally stepped in to wrench away an attacker that was stabbing his victim in the street and then took actions that saved the victim’s life. At the Installation Banquet of the Makers of Playing Cards, we were figuratively taken to the moon and back by the Principal Guest, astronomer and broadcaster, Peter Williamson. At the Basketmakers’ Livery Dinner, the processional party was led in by a huge basket-woven effigy of a griffin’s head and the Prime Warden extended me the great kindness of bringing out of storage that Company’s magnificent silver snuff box in the design of a plumed hussar’s cap. And it was charged! One final memory to recount is the wonder of hearing the classical pianist that entertained the guests of the Master Plaisterer at his Masters and Clerks Dinner in January. Trained at The Royal College of Music, this young man was born only with his left arm and yet such was his skill and talent he has risen to the top of his profession; wonderous and humbling in equal measure. It is an honour to represent this Worshipful Company and I thank its members for the The Master opportunity. 3