The Livery Newsletter and Gazette Issue 30 Spring 2019 - Page 20

New Nicotine Alliance Livery members will know that reduced harm nicotine products are growing rapidly in popularity, especially vaping - the use of e-cigarettes. Indeed, some Livery members work in this new industry. All the major tobacco companies now sell or produce various types of reduced harm products, as do many specialist manufacturers, and ‘vape shops’ are becoming a feature of the landscape on UK high streets. Recently Altria, owners of Philip Morris USA, paid $12.8 billion for a 35% stake in Juul Labs, a highly successful e-cigarette manufacturer. In the UK, 3.2 million people now vape, a number that’s growing. You may think these consumers could do with a campaigning body to stick up for their interests, and the good news is they have one - the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA). Founded in 2014, the NNA’s aim is to speak up for consumers of safer nicotine products, campaign for better regulation of these products and promote understanding of what ‘tobacco harm reduction’ means. The NNA has become the ‘go to’ organisation of its type, frequently in demand to talk about reduced harm products such as e-cigarettes on the media, and is listened to by Public Health England and medical experts involved in encouraging tobacco harm reduction - the idea that you can quit smoking but still enjoy nicotine. NNA aims Martin Cullip, who recently attended a Livery dinner, is an NNA Trustee who has been involved in its work from the start, and is active in promoting the NNA’s messages on discussion panels and the media. Says Martin: “We didn’t invent the term ‘tobacco harm reduction’ - it’s used by major UK bodies like the Department of Health, Public Health England and NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), to describe ways of reducing harm from cigarette smoking without necessarily giving The lunch was We deliciously by Mark Grove up nicotine. aim to get catered wider acceptance and and his regulation team at Cook & Butler and we cracked better of e-cigarettes, products like ‘heat along at a , and goodly pace. snus. Our guests were we admirably not burn’ Swedish Basically, want to introduced by Liveryman Fran Morrison and can our quit see a wider choice of products so that people Principal Tim Wonnacott a generous smoking if Guest, they choose to, but still gave enjoy nicotine.” and very humorous reply to which I responded initially Nicotine is not the Tim risk in a glass of water - he was by drenching poor very kind about it (sorry Tim!). I was very pleased The key point here - backed up by hundreds of to show off the newly found Livery Grant of Arms studies - is that while there’s little or no doubt that and Letters Patent which have been missing for many smoking causes cancer, nicotine is not the culprit. years - our Clerk tenaciously sought them out, and The harm from smoking is not caused by nicotine, the new Immediate Past Master, Chris Allen, and his but by toxins in the smoke from burning tobacco. In IPM, Mark Gower-Smith have funded a beautiful re- an e-cigarette for example, these harmful toxins are presentation and they are now resplendent in frames either absent in the aerosol the user inhales, or at carved with tobacco leaves (or close to); Sandra also most, present in tiny amounts far below levels known located a huge banner not seen since 1985 and Angus to cause harm to humans. Menzies, Clerk to the Master Mariners and never shy of a challenge saw to it Society that it was on the Indeed the UK’s Royal for displayed Public Health has Quarterdeck. stated that nicotine is “no more harmful than coffee”, and Public Health England has not only said that Whilst all this was going on, apparently biblical- vaping is “at least 95% less harmful than smoking”, style downpours were being had all over London but is now spending £500,000 on a marketing - oblivious to all that drama we ended our lunch campaign to get that message across to smokers and and trooped back to the quarterdeck where Coffee, encourage them to switch. Cigars, and Cognac awaited us (I did mention that our Livery enjoyed dining the High C’s..) and What are e-cigarettes and on Swedish snus? which seemed to hit the mark – Liveryman Jemma E-cigarettes really cigars cigarettes Freeman had kindly provided are the not torpedo at placed all. They don’t contain and had had them in souvenir tubes tobacco with our and are not smoked. Instead, Crest emblazoned on it. Several of us also sported is suspended in a solution a limited edition nicotine Livery Smoking hat - originally of glycerine or propylene glycol, conceived as a sort of shooting hat, it serves its water, and usually flavourings. purpose so well as a “team” hat, that of the twenty The solution is heated to form a vapour that ordered, but one remained by the close of the the day! ‘vaper’ inhales, which is massively less harmful Thank you to the Master Mariners for allowing than us the inhaling tobacco smoke. In short, a vaper can enjoy use of the venue, to Tim for being a perfect Principal nicotine without the risks attending from smoking. Guest, and for everyone and giving my year such snus a special start. Swedish is a pasteurised, moist, powdered tobacco, either loose or packaged in a tiny sachet like a miniscule tea-bag. Again, it isn’t smoked; the user The Master pops it between lip and gum, and can unobtrusively absorb nicotine along with enjoyable flavours. It’s been used in Sweden for decades, and studies show that this has been accompanied by a big fall in both smoking and lung cancer rates. 20 3