The Livery Newsletter and Gazette Issue 30 Spring 2019 - Page 12

The Carol Service The lunch was deliciously catered by Mark Grove It’s the most wonderful time of the year!... and, as is traditionally the case, the Tobacco and his team at Cook & Butler Pipe and we cracked Makers celebrated together with a Carol Service led by our Honorary Chaplain, The Reverend along at a goodly pace. Our guests were admirably Canon David Parrott, at St Lawrence Jewry in Guildhall introduced Yard. With by David’s blessing, Past Liveryman Fran Morrison and our Master Mark Gower-Smith arranged a beautiful Order of Principal Service that was delivered with Guest, Tim Wonnacott the gave a generous and support of The Sevenoaks School Choir conducted by Michael Heighway reply and to the which much I sought very humorous responded initially after organist, Catherine Ennis. by drenching poor Tim in a glass of water - he was very kind about it (sorry Tim!). I was very pleased The Sevenoaks Choir sang outstanding hymns to show off the newly found Livery Grant of Arms including a medieval Spanish villancico, ‘Ríu, Ríu, and Letters Patent which have been missing for many Chíu’ which was a real treat. The congregation was years - our Clerk tenaciously sought them out, and invited to sing traditional carols - Once in Royal the new Immediate Past Master, Chris Allen, and his David’s City, The Holly and the Ivy, The First Nowell IPM, Mark Gower-Smith have funded a beautiful re- and a hearty Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. I am presentation and they are now resplendent in frames pleased to report that the Tobacco Pipe Makers were carved with tobacco leaves (or close to); Sandra also in good voice, doing justice to the magnificent setting located a huge banner not seen since 1985 and Angus of the church and the organ playing. Menzies, Clerk to the Master Mariners and never shy of a challenge saw to it that it was displayed on the The Honorary Chaplain made his address on the importance of names and how we know one another Quarterdeck. by having them. Referring to an earlier reading Whilst all this was going on, apparently biblical- of St John as he unfolds the great mystery of the style downpours were being had all over London incarnation, he taught us that Word was God and - oblivious to all that drama we ended our lunch that the Word also refers to Jesus Christ in the verses. and trooped back to the quarterdeck where Coffee, In making his point, David played with his own Cigars, and Cognac awaited us (I did mention that surname, Parrott, and showed us the many gifts that our Livery enjoyed dining on the High C’s..) and he had received over the years representing parrots which seemed to hit the mark – Liveryman Jemma including a fine parrot hat. One young member of the Freeman had kindly provided the torpedo cigars congregation got somewhat confused and thought it and had had them placed in souvenir tubes with our more resembled a duck much to the chagrin of the Crest emblazoned on it. Several of us also sported Honorary Chaplain. But the spat ended well, as it a limited edition Livery Smoking hat - originally should at this time of peace and good will to all men conceived as a sort of shooting hat, it serves its (and children...). purpose so well as a “team” hat, that of the twenty one each remained the close of the day! With the Carol Service over, the congregation stayed for ordered, a time to but enjoy others’ by company Thank the December Master Mariners along with a glass of wine and mince pies before dispersing into you the to crisp night. for allowing us the of the venue, to bade Tim farewell for being a perfect Principal Once things had been tidied at the church, the remaining use Court members and Guest, and for everyone attending and be giving my Christmas good wishes to the church staff and the Honorary Chaplain who will forever more year such a special start. known as Duckie! The Master Roger Brookes Master 12 3