The Livery Newsletter and Gazette Issue 30 Spring 2019 - Page 10

The Lord Mayor’s Show 2018 On November 10th 2018 the Master, Senior and Renter Wardens participated in The Lord Mayor’s Show. The new Lord Mayor, Peter Estlin, was blessed with a rare spell of sunshine for his colourful parade, albeit heavy rain fell as soon as it was over! The origins of the Lord Mayor’s Show were in 1215, when King John was persuaded to let the City of London elect its own mayor. It included one major condition; each year the new mayor must travel from the City to Westminster to swear loyalty to the crown. The lunch was deliciously catered by Mark Grove Pageantry and at display grew and his team Cook & gradually Butler and we around cracked the “trip” by the 16th the Lord Show along and at a goodly pace. century Our guests were Mayor’s admirably was firmly established as a Fran major entertainment. introduced by Liveryman Morrison and our Our new Lord Mayor certainly did not let us down and Principal Guest, Tim Wonnacott gave a generous in this regard and led to a well-attended Show, initially which very humorous reply which I responded paraded colourfully every aspect of the City and its by drenching poor Tim in a glass of water - he was charitable causes. it (sorry Tim!). I was very pleased very kind about to show off the newly found Livery Grant of Arms The new Lord Mayor is our 691st. Peter enjoys and Letters Patent which have been missing for many the freedom of four Livery Companies and is an years - our Clerk tenaciously sought them out, and Ironmonger, Educator, Chartered Accountant and the new Immediate Past Master, Chris Allen, and his International Banker. We wish him well in his year of IPM, Mark Gower-Smith have funded a beautiful re- office. presentation and they are now resplendent in frames carved with tobacco leaves (or close Andrew to); Sandra also Golding located a huge banner not seen since 1985 and Warden Angus Senior Menzies, Clerk to the Master Mariners and never shy of a challenge saw to it that it was displayed on the Quarterdeck. Whilst all this was going on, apparently biblical- style downpours were being had all over London - oblivious to all that drama we ended our lunch and trooped back to the quarterdeck where Coffee, Cigars, and Cognac awaited us (I did mention that our Livery enjoyed dining on the High C’s..) and which seemed to hit the mark – Liveryman Jemma Freeman had kindly provided the torpedo cigars and had had them placed in souvenir tubes with our Crest emblazoned on it. Several of us also sported a limited edition Livery Smoking hat - originally conceived as a sort of shooting hat, it serves its purpose so well as a “team” hat, that of the twenty ordered, but one remained by the close of the day! Thank you to the Master Mariners for allowing us the use of the venue, to Tim for being a perfect Principal Guest, and for everyone attending and giving my year such a special start. The Master 10 3