THE LIQUID FARMER - Volume 8/Summer & Fall 2014 - Page 3

How Was Your Summer?

Did yours' fly by as fast as ours?

It felt like overnight suddenly it was August! And, the month that tends to be filled to the brim with lots of tastings, bottling work on some of the 2013 Chardonnay's + gearing up for harvest indeed BECAME harvest. Our first pick was AUGUST 7th.

We kid you not. A month ahead of the already record early Sept. 4th start to last years harvest.

All we can say is we are very thankful to see and taste beautiful 2014 fruit already in thus far + the 2013's now bottled or still in barrel - EXCITED! James (wine ninja) with his attention to detail and incredible super-human stamina is crushing it in the cellar. Plus, what does early harvest mean? Early finish line! We very well could be making up for a lost August in October with a trip somewhere warm, sandy with lots and lots

of tequila!

If you haven't noticed, this is a brand new (homemade, as usual :) flippable format to our zany, meanderingly long seasonal newsletter. We hope you like it and would love to hear your thoughts & feedback!

As we welcome Fall we toast your support and more so the old, new and future friendships that we dearly treasure!

~ Nik, Jeff, James & Anna W. ~