THE LIQUID FARMER - Volume 8/Summer & Fall 2014 - Page 27

A Housewarming for the LF Farm (ish). NOT ONLY ARE BARRY & LISA BEER MEMBERS TURNED FRIENDS. THEY ALSO KNOW HOW TO WARM IT UP! Summer BBQ at the new pad, and the lovely Beers were kind enough to not only show up with one of the best apps we've enjoyed all year Spicy Grilled Shrimp w/ cooling dipping sauce they also came sporting this thoughtful (and highly useful) housewarming gift. This bottle is long gone btw - I discovered and made one too many St-Rita's. (recipe here - add more lime ;) ! Team LF Sambas. Oh yessum. Custom kicks for Jefe. The things you can do these days. Jeff had a hay day designing these bad boys. I need to step up and design a pair. Perchance we should offer a limited set of pairs to the LF Fam?? Ping me if you’re interested and find having a pair a serious must. #TeamLF Baby Jesus + Westside. ANNUAL SELFIE. MINI BUZZED. MARATHON BLENDING TASTING. May and June marks when Jeff, James and I start to seriously taste through the barrels as the personalties of each are at this point, really starting to fully express themselves. As you can see we have our Baby Jesus Freak Flag flying high in the winery and I grew up in Riverside, CA so a little Westside seemed appropriate at the time. The three of us are SO stoked with how the 2013's have & will turn out!