THE LIQUID FARMER - Volume 8/Summer & Fall 2014 - Page 26

! JEFE & T-TAM (aka: Tom Marois). Summer 2014. D'ing some B's post LF Tasting at Uncorked Wine in Tahoe City… That’s high school code for "drinking some beers”… So, Jeff grew up on the American River in Sacramento. He had an all dude club in high school. They called themselves the Turf Club (TC for short). You can inquire as to the name and their shenanigans some time when we're all enjoying some wine together. Cause trust me, there are some CRAZY tales… ! Back to the story at hand, we were invited by the folks from Uncorked (locations in Truckee, Squaw Valley and Tahoe City) to come up and pour during their Summer Series of Winemaker Tastings. Silver lining is that Tom (T-Tam) and his wife reside near Truckee. They made the drive down to Tahoe City to join that tasting and the aftermath? Well, I crashed a wedding with Mrs. Marois and I think we ended up hitting 3 dive bars POST dinner. The Turf Club legend lives on. Cheers to those truly great life long friends the ones you can not talk to or see for ages and pick right back up where you left off. One of life's most beautiful gifts. #friends4life ! EAST COAST LOVE. MAS FARMHOUSE IN NYC Sporting All of the Sisters From Sta. Rita Hills! Thanks to member and lovely wine goddess Deborah Goldman for snapping this while visiting back East from the Bay Area! Honored to not only see ALL of the Chards on one amazing NY list (HUGE coo for a legit wine list, btw) but, to be in such stellar company of those we look up to - to boot. @ Mas Farmhouse NYC.