THE LIQUID FARMER - Volume 8/Summer & Fall 2014 - Page 24

GRILLED AVOCADO'S? LIFE JUST GOT WAYYYY BETTER. Inspired by down the street Mattei's Tavern restaurant. Home Chef'ed by Stephanie Varner of Alta Maria Wines. Ponzu drenched post exiting the grill, these things will make your head spin and wonder why you didn't already think of something so easy and yet with so much umami and meatiness....We tried our hand Labor Day at the LF Farm (ish) with the help of our friend and fellow food nerd, Stephanie and...Trust us, MAKE IT NOW! A solid version of the Recipe -----> CLICK HERE FOR DELICIOUS-AVO-NESS. ! POOL SHARK? (Nik + Adam Lee of Siduri CRUSH two Lompoc Sharks) Wine & Fire (our AVA's major annual tasting which we highly suggest you attend!!) is a super down to earth weekend some of us producers tend to end up at the divy-est of dive bars in Lompoc (the Shamrock or otherwise known as "the dirty Shamrock" or "the shammy") located near the grand tasting for far far too late of a night....This time around Adam/Siduri Wines and our friend Shannon (also the talented winemaker at Rangeland Wines in Northwest Paso) along with our banker Jed of Silicon Valley Bank, decided to take on two local pool sharks - they needed a FOURth....So, what choice did I have. Important note: I SUCK at pool. Horrible. NO good. NO bueno. But, something was in the Wine & Fire air that night....Adam and I teamed up and soon after in something that felt much like the Bad News Bears, we began dominating and playing not just ok - but WELL! We won game 1 and when challenged to game 2 (thinking it'd be a fluke and we'd be french toast) - in the last few shots - the sharks blew a few -we didn't and WHAMMO!! I literally did a run and jump hug up on Adam - it was quite the victory for the little guys. #TeamSVB