THE LIQUID FARMER - Volume 8/Summer & Fall 2014 - Page 17

 SUN 10/12 from 1:30-4pm
 @ THE LF FARM (ish) 
 Santa Ynez, CA ! With #FOUR chickens, two dogs, a 19 year old African Grey parrot and cows next door, its sort of like a Farm, right?! Consider yourself warmly invited to join us the day after Celebration of Harvest for a proper Pop-Up tasting! If you are in the Club, this is an opportunity to pick up your wines AND imbibe with us! A Tasting of all the new releases - i.e. any and all wines in the Fall mix so you know where the gals are at evolution wise to wisen up when you may decide to open them and/or to educate you as to what you may need more of than your take-home liquid will entail. We've got you covered. Cheese & Charcuterie abound and Mother Nature willing, a lovely Al Fresco afternoon. Oh yes, you also will meet the Golden Girls (our chickens ;) - WINNING If you already know you're in - you can email Anna and I at so we can remove the shipping charge from your Fall Club order. ! HOW TO RSVP/ATTEND: ! • ! CURRENT MEMBERS! AN EVENTBRITE LINK TO COME IN MEMBER’S ONLY EMAIL (COMING SOON!) COVERING ALL DETAILS OF FALL CLUB. • IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER AND WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND - WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU! A SMALL PER PERSON "TARIFF" APPLIES SO, PLEASE EMAIL LIQUID@LIQUIDFARM.COM AND WE CAN GET YOU DETAILS AND A LINK TO ALTERNATE EVENTBRITE PAGE.