THE LIQUID FARMER - Volume 8/Summer & Fall 2014 - Page 11

WHEN CAN I GET SOME (or MORE!) LIQUID?!? **NOW!** THE FALL RELASE IS **COMING SOON**! *CUSTOMIZABLE* OFFERING TO THE CLUB COMING IN THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO WITH WINES SHIPPING THROUGHOUT OCTOBER ! **IF YOU ARE IN THE CLUB** MEMBER ONLY EMAIL COMING SOON WITH MORE DETAILS CUSTOMIZING & SHIPMENT ETA ALONG WITH THE EXACT WINES/QUANTITIES INCLUDED AT EACH TIER *BEFORE CUSTOMIZATIONS* ! IMPORTANT! Its come time for the Familia to be able to manage their customization/orders online! With that we will be creating an account for you and a preferred credit card will need to manually added by each member. An email with a direct link to do so coming soon. Via your account you can also easily update Preferred Shipping address and/or your Tier, etc. ! IN THE MEANTIME, SHOULD YOU HAVE A SHIPPING ADDRES UPDATE AND/OR KNOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADJUST YOUR TIER OR WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST LARGE FORMATS, JUST SHOOT AN EMAIL TO ANNA AND SHE CAN GET IT NOTED: LIQUID@LIQUIDFARM.COM ! ***IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE CLUB AND WOULD LIKE TO JOIN** WE’D BE HONORED TO HAVE YOU ABOARD! EMAIL ANNA & NIKKI FOR DETAILS AND TO GET DIALED IN. ! CLIFF NOTES VERSION: SPRING vs. FALL WINES The LF Club releases formally to the Club 2x per year, once in Spring (March/ April) and again in the Fall (October)... However, we make all of our wines openly available year round to our LF Family at your respective Tier's discount throughout the year (so long as we have stock). ! { Fall 2014 will include 2013 White Hill + 2012 FOUR w/ a small amount of 2013 La Hermana (Santa Maria) & 2012 Golden Slope } ! { Spring 2015 will be 2013 Golden Slope, + 2014 Rosé and a small amount of 2013 BIEN BIEN Chard + possibly a splash of 2013 La Hermana and/or 2013 White Hill }