The Lion's Roar-Quarter 1, 2016-2017 Volume 1 - Page 6

8 STRENGTHS to CULTIVATE GRATITUDE CURIOSITY • Was eager to explore new things • Asked questions to help s/he learn better • Took an active interest in learning • • • • OPTIMISM GRIT • • • • • Recognized what other people did for them Showed appreciation for opportunities Expressed appreciation by saying thank you Did something nice for someone else 
 as a way of saying thank you Finished whatever s/he began Stuck with a project or activity Tried very hard even after experiencing failure Stayed committed to goals Kept working hard even when s/he felt 
 like quitting • Believed that effort would improve his/her future • When bad things happened, s/he thought about things they could do to make it better next time • Stayed motivated, even when things didn’t go well • Believed that s/he could improve on things they weren’t good at SELF-CONTROL SELF-CONTROL
 • Remained calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked • Allowed others to speak without interrupting • Was polite to adults and peers • Kept temper in check • Came to class prepared • Remembered and followed directions • Got to work right away instead of waiting until the last minute • Paid attention and resisted distractions (SCHOOL WORK) (INTERPERSONAL) SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE ZEST • Was able to find solutions during conflicts 
 with others • Showed that s/he cared about the 
 feelings of others • Adapted to different social situations 6 • Actively participated • Showed enthusiasm • Approached new situations with excitement and energy