The Lion's Roar-Quarter 1, 2016-2017 Volume 1 - Page 5

Below you will find definitions of each character trait, and listed on the next page are the key indicators we seek to cultivate (*Character Lab). The 8 character strengths are divided into three categories: strengths of mind, strengths of will and strengths of heart. CHARACTER GOOD CHARACTER IS NOT FORMED IN A WEEK OR A MONTH. IT IS CREATED LITTLE BY LITTLE, DAY BY DAY. PROTRACTED AND PATIENT EFFORT IS NEEDED TO DEVELOP GOOD CHARACTER. -HERACLITUS Strengths of heart: These are the “helping” strengths. They help you relate in positive ways to other people.
 Strengths of mind: These are the “thinking” strengths. They enable a fertile and independent life of the mind.
 Strengths of will: These strengths are what you might call the “doing” strengths. They help you achieve your goals. Here at OSOTA, in each classroom we place a concentrated effort on infusing character education into our daily lessons. We want to develop character that is evident through the way scholars are acting, thinking and feeling. Curiosity (Strengths of Mind) is a strong desire to learn or know something, a search for information for its own sake. Character Report Cards are one of the tools we use to help holistically educate our scholars. We provide feedback quarterly to scholars via this report card regar [\X\^H\Hܛ[[ܘ]]YH [وX\ H\H\XX][ۂ܈H[Y]HXZ]HH\[B\\HX\]Kܚ] [و[ H\\]\[H[\[ۈ܈ۙ]\H[˂[Z\H [و[ H\Z[Y[X]]\H]Y\X[Y]HY[B\H]]\K\\X\Y[\X\BX\[[YX[[[[BXܝ و[]\]Hو[[[XJK\]\ۈ و[]\]HقZXY[K[\X\X]Y[YY\ \X\[\^\XY[[YY YX[[ٝ[ [\Y[]\ˈ]HH\ۈ^H\X\\X[ݚYH\\›ܝ[]Y\܈\X\B][Y [ZYH[Y\\Z[ܘYY\[X[\X\\\X][X[X\ [X۝ \ܚ [وZ[ H\˜۝[ۙx&\ۈ\ۜ\^H[Yۈ]ܝ[ۙ\H[\Z[[ [X۝ Z[\\ۘ[ [وX\ H\˜۝[ۙx&\ۈ\ۜ\^H[Yۈ]ܝ[ۙ\H[\Z[[œ[][ۜ\˂X[[[Y[H [وX\ H\][BX[]HYH\H[[YH[[][ۜ\˂\ [وZ[ H\[Y\Y\][]K]8&\[\XYH]\[Y]^][Y[[[\K*B