The Lion's Roar-Quarter 1, 2016-2017 Volume 1 - Page 3

FROM THE DESK OF Mrs. Kristen Campbell Thank you to all of our families, scholars, and teachers for their support this first quarter of the 2016-2017 school year. We rallied together to navigate unique challenges due to construction, and have had a truly remarkable start to the year. In an effort to foster deeper and more meaningful connections, our team has developed this quarterly communication piece. 
 Our school mascot here at OSOTA is Judah the Lion, a truly magnificent animal. A lion has the loudest roar of all the amazing creatures in the animal kingdom; it’s impossible to ignore! Here at OSOTA we are training our scholars to become effective communicators for God’s glory—sharing His light and love with the world around 
 them with their voices, or "roar" if you will. A roar is something that is developed over time through practice. 
 I’m reminded of the scene in the movie The Lion King, where young Simba practices his little roar. Thank you for helping provide a safe, supportive community for our scholars to discover, develop, and practice theirs. It’s with great excitement and love for our Pride that I announce great news to you: Our school was nominated for Playground Magazine’s Family Favorites 2016 awards—and WE WON!!!! Congratulations on being selected as the “Best Private Religious Elementary School” in Central Florida! With so many remarkable schools in our Central Florida area, we consider this to be an absolute honor. It’s a heart reflection of dedicated teachers, selfless team members, innovative scholars and engaged parents who want their children to experience an education different from the status quo. Thank you for dreaming alongside of us each and every day. I hope that you enjoy this first issue of The Lion’s Roar. Let’s reflect back on this first quarter with thanksgiving and gratitude, 
 while looking toward the great future ahead. Kind regards, Mrs. Kristen Campbell Head of School 3