The Lion's Roar-Quarter 1, 2016-2017 Volume 1 - Page 13

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Thank you OSOTA family for your prayers, support and patience as we navigate the final stretch of the amazing building project that is Grace Center. We watched the deadlines zoom buy and quickly realized that naming this building Grace Center was going to require us to demonstrate a great amount of Grace to one another 
 as it came together. The first week in January will be when High School classes will move to thei ]\ܛ\\[[\B\\Y[[ٙXX[H]H\\[Z\]˜[Y\X[][[X[[\\؛8*[]^H]\[\]PSH Y[KXK[[Y\[\[X] HXHH[B[HXX[\]\Z[\H܈[\\[ ^H[Y܈[ܙH]Z[BL‚