The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 91

Ravens and Robins Under the Loving Tree by John C. Mannone Today I was a photo-elf for the oldest Santa in the Mall. An outstanding Santa—wildly warm. He scooped each child up onto his lap, flattered every aspect of the little one’s character, each child delirious with joy. But he never asked them what they wanted. Instead he listened, then called each mother over, pressed in close, whispered in their ears, Do you tell your children that you love them? Do you tell them every day? The mothers always blushed as they shook their heads. His eyes still twinkling, he’d tell the children, Give your mother a kiss, your father too. Winking, reminded them to tell their children that they love them more than presents. He ends with Remember that the most important thing is loving other people as much as they love you. The parents, astonished, surrendered laying down their video recorders and their shopping lists, then gathered under the Christmas tree to ponder all these things. They looked up, past the happy Santa, up the tinsel star-studded tree to the top of the evergreen where a Christmas ornament overshadowed the cruciform shape on their faces. 91