The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 77

Ravens and Robins A Baby's Smile by Lesley Timms Groundhog Day’s now Groundhog Years, Rudderless, my raft of fears. Hermit-like: forced isolation, Old dreams dashed. Desolation. Futile quests; no magic key To freedom from this curse M.E. Fruitless hours of Google searches, No solace from books or churches. Now dreary wintry skies augment The pain of years so poorly spent. From news reporters, no relief: Bleak local news; dire global grief. Yet as New Year is poised to play More weary tunes of yesterday, A shaft of light, a searing dart, Rends in two this cynic’s heart! Melting ice when all else failed, A frozen soul by joy impaled! What force could banish years of bile, So artless, so devoid of guile? As Groundhog Days resume again, What image cuts through all the pain? A tiny baby’s joyful grin, The wondrous smile of Evelyn! 77