The Linnet's Wings The Winter´s Tale, Ravens and Robins - Page 51

Ravens and Robins Time to shine by Lesley Timms Do the ever-twinkling stars Refuse to shine their powerful light; Too shy to blaze their wondrousness; Too scared to dazzle us by night? Does the spotted ladybird Hide her vivid scarlet back; Too mindful of her beauty; Too frightened of attack? Do crashing, pounding waterfalls Quieten their mighty roar; Afraid of their magnificence; Afraid of awestruck looks they draw? So as a perfect work of art, Why hide away your glorious light? Bewitch us as the butterfly Whose painted wings enrich our sight! Hold your head up high and sing, Blackbird-clear; bold and proud! Don’t shrink from your perfection. No! Smile and broadcast it aloud! Yes! Banish modesty and fear; High time you twinkled bright and clear. 51